13 People on LinkedIn Who Really Get Influencer Marketing

Posted by Ami Iannone on Oct 17, 2017 10:00:00 AM

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These marketers know it's about engagement, not being salesy

I logged on to LinkedIn the other day and the first thing that popped up in my feed was an influencer I know commenting on this giant thread. You can read the full thread here (it might take a while because there are over 500 comments…) The gist of it was a woman looking for advice to help make sense of the results of a very poor influencer investment. Whether or not this was just a sensational post to drive conversation, it became clear as I read through the thread that there were a surprising number of people with really valuable insights (not just sales pitches for platforms or solutions). These people deserve a little shoutout because they really get it.

Original post from Stephanie Georges: 


In general, the worthwhile feedback fell into the following categories: marketers who understand the importance of setting expectations and agreeing on KPIs, people who understand where influencer marketing lives in the path to purchase, and -- our personal battle cry-- the importance of finding the right match. Let’s break down some of the great points these commenters made.

Setting expectations is crucial

These commenters understand where influencer marketing fits in the sales funnel: closer to the top. Influencer marketing should be used as an awareness and affinity-building play rather than a point of sale tactic. They also know that influencers cannot exist in a vacuum, but rather they are an important part of holistic marketing approach and that you should never enter into any deal without having your expectations clearly outlined so that both sides can measure success.




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More eyes isn't always the best approach

Here are a few people who know that bigger ain’t always better. We’ve written about this a lot. You are almost always better served finding smaller influencers who have a strong presence in your product niche, and lots of authority with their followers, rather than a big name with TONS of followers.



Match is important

We’ve built our whole business around the supposition that influencer marketing doesn’t work unless you first make a meaningful match. This means finding influencers who genuinely love your brand, whose lifestyles are a realistic fit for your brand values, and then creating a lasting relationship with them through a smart, well-crafted campaign. Here are a few people who get it.




Influencers aren't a "magic bullet"

The most impressive responses to this post were the ones that tried to help the poster understand the flaw in the overall approach-- not just patch the problem with pricy tools. Here are some people who hit the nail on the head:





We’re excited to see so many well-educated marketers out in the wild. We’ll keep spreading the good word because our work definitely isn’t done. Want to learn more about what you can and cannot realistically expect from smart influencer marketing? Read this.

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