4 Viral Video Influencers You Want To Know

Posted by Jillian Londino on Feb 19, 2015 7:01:37 PM

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The viral videos we can't stop watching, and the Snapfluencers behind them. 

From filming dogs on skateboards to coining viral phrases (cue "Ain’t nobody got time for that" gif), the top creators of online video content have achieved their social stardom through all sorts of unique concepts and methods. 

With the launch of Twitter video and the rise of Snapchat ads all over the social sphere right now, we wanted to call out a few members of the Snapfluence community who are on top of the video-fluencing game right now. 

Warning: If you have anything to do in the next hour, beware of the all-consuming loop. 


Gabbie Hanna of @TheGabbieShow

She's trendy, she's hilarious and she's friends with just about every Vine/YouTube/Video star we've heard of. Best of all? A fan once freaked out over seeing her in public when The Biebs was a few feet away. True story. 



Vincent Marcus - @Vincentmarcus_

Also sharing the screen some of the top online video creators, Vincent has quite the knack for instant laugs and beat boxing. 



Gabriel Conte - @TheGabrielConte

We can't decide if Gabriel would be the best or worst college roommate to have, but regardless, the videos that come out of his dorm are pure gold. 


Thomas Foster - @foster_dawg

We can't even begin to guess where Thomas and his friends come up with these wildly funny/insane/outlandish video concepts, but hope their ideas never EVER run out. 



In just a few short years these video stars have made a lasting impression on the landscape of social media. So if video killed the radio star, what’s next for our video stars? 
Cue our #TBT. 


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