7 Steps to Planning a Successful Instagram Campaign

Posted by Alex Ditty on Sep 19, 2014 10:00:00 AM

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Follow these steps to plan a flawless Instagram campaign

Running an Instagram campaign is a great way to drive fan engagement and create some user-generated content to promote your brand. And planning these campaigns doesn't have to be difficult! The steps below will help get you started with your next campaign and for more information check out our free Instagram Campaign Planning Guide!

1. Set the campaign type

There are many different forms that a campaign can take. How you set up your campaign impacts the execution of your promotion, managementpost-campaign analysis. Will your campaign focus on a new product launch, general brand awareness or on a live event? Determining this campaign focus is how you’ll find the fit within your overall marketing initiatives. 


2. Plan the fit within marketing initiatives

Instagram campaigns are most successful when they fit within your overall marketing objectives. We don’t recommend running one-off campaigns just for the sake of running a campaign. Rather run a campaign which support your brand’s other marketing efforts. When a campaign fits within your overall marketing initiatives you can see a positive lift to your goals. 

3. Determine goals

When planning your campaign you need to understand what the goals of this program are and how your tactics will achieve the objectives you set. For example, if you’re running the campaign to gain more followers on your account, consider how you’ll drive people to your account. If you’re running the campaign with the hope of gaining user-generated content to show off your brand in a more, consider how you will create sharable moments for your fans to share. 

4. Create the campaign’s rules

With all campaigns we recommend creating and displaying the necessary rules for participation in the contest. These rules should never be a hindrance that blocks people from participating but should be comprehensive enough to cover the details of the campaign. There are services like American Sweeps to help with the rules creation, but once the rules are set you’ll need to consider how they’ll be displayed to your participants. We always encourage showcasing them right at front of the campaign gallery so people are clear on the campaign’s details as soon as they participate. 

5. Plan the promotion

To grow awareness and participation with the campaign you’ll need to consider how the campaign will be promoted. Sharing details from your own social accounts is a must but consider other opportunities to get people involved with your campaign. We recommend influencers as one of the best ways to grow awareness for your campaign with some authentic promotion. Tapping visual influencers can spread word about your campaign through targeted thought leaders. 

6. How will you showcase and moderate the content

One of the biggest reasons for running a campaign on Instagram is the user-generated content that’s produced by your fans to promote your brand, this makes it essential to aggregate the content into a central place to showcase your brand with authentic content. But when displaying this content you need to moderate out any inappropriate or irrelevant content. Utilize SEEN’s Campaigns platform to enable your brand to showcase this content without taking away from your team’s bandwidth. 

7. How will you measure success? 

After you plan the campaign’s goals, consider how you’ll measure against those goals to understand the success of the campaign. By measuring the engagement and reach of the campaign with metrics like the Relative Engagement you can bring some context to the efforts you put into the campaign. 


Following these steps will help guide your campaign planning. To further assist with this, click below and download our free Instagram Campaign Planning Guide.

Instagram Campaign Planning Guide

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