Announcing SEEN Creators: Influencer Marketing Platform

Posted by Brian Zuercher on Jan 9, 2017 2:58:14 PM

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Leverage the technology behind the world's top influencer marketing programs

SEEN_Creators_rising_tideFinding the right influencers for campaigns is a common complaint we hear from our agency and brand partners. And rightly so. It can be one of the most difficult aspects of influencer marketing. It is often what holds marketers back from implementing the initiative in the first place. Because of the importance of this piece and the weight it carries with the rest of the campaign, the pressure to get this right is high. And because of both the abundance of influencers and the uniqueness of your brand, doing it efficiently is difficult.

Our ability to help brands efficiently identify well-matched creators is one of the keys to our continuing success. But admittedly, we don’t do it all on our own. Our 4+ years of experience in the influencer marketing world, working with top brands like Hilton, Chevy, and Microsoft have certainly helped our understanding of what goes into a successful influencer program. But none of these programs would have had such success if we weren’t aided by the proprietary software that makes the execution of these programs so scalable.

The software that enables us to execute these programs has only been available to us.

Until now.



We told you we had some big announcements coming. And now we’re proud to announce the official release of SEEN Creators, the technology behind some of the world’s top influencer marketing programs.

By opening this up, we increase not only your brand’s ability to find great creators - but also the ability of great creators to find meaningful work.

After all, a rising tide raises all ships, right?

SEEN Creators is a highly-curated influencer marketing tool for your business. We use proprietary social listening technology to scan social networks for the influencers who are driving engagement with their audience. From this pool of influencers, we then manually curate and review each influencer that enters the tool. Our review team takes the time to ensure each creator’s information is up to date and is properly categorized for your searches. Yes, this takes us more time than just allowing open “sign ups”. But that means it takes you less time and saves you the frustration of poor quality search results. Complete one search, find your right match and add them to rosters for your program. Simple as that.

We invite you to come check out SEEN Creators and learn more about how your brand can partner with the best creators in the business to better connect with your audience.