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Influencers Can Breathe New Life Into Legacy Brands

Running influencer campaigns to modernize the perception of your brand.

While instant worldwide name recognition is nothing to scoff at, sometimes legacy brands find themselves pigeonholed into a single category or exclusively defined by the original products that brought them success. This can be a tough bind for companies trying to revitalize brands that seem ancient in the ever-changing world of social media, online shopping and the tides of changing taste. Some brands have found that influencer marketing can be an effective strategy to help change millennial perception of their products and inspire new consumption. Here are some ways that The Campbell’s Soup Company brands have used influencers to breathe new life into legacy brands through social media.
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The Influencer Compensation Equation

Navigating the Tricky World of Influencer Compensation

Influencer compensation and how it is determined has been a hot-button issue lately. If you’re new to the industry, the different compensation rates can seem random. You’ll find very little consistency across follower ranges or content verticals. Each influencer wants a different rate. This can be overwhelming for brands trying to initiate and manage influencer campaigns. First things first, influencer marketing is not a media buy. If you’re trying to justify influencer marketing spend the same way you measure TV, radio or billboard buys, you’re going to come up short handed. Make sure that you’re ready for influencer marketing.

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Influencer Marketing Has Been Here All Along

And it's here to stay

Whether you swear by it or think it is just a passing fad, you’ve definitely heard of influencer marketing. And no doubt you’ve been exposed to it multiple times per day-- either professionally or just scrolling through your Instagram feed. While the social media incarnation may be vogue, visual influencer marketing is nothing new. These marketing tactics have been with us since the beginning of the industry, marketers are just learning to execute these programs on the channels where audiences live. First, it was radio, newspaper and magazine print, and then the long standing reign of the TV ad, now we’re dealing with a digital and user-generated social world. Thus the rise of the social media influencer:  the newest archetype of the visual marketing paradigm.

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Brands Who Are Doing Influencer Marketing Right

Learn from the best.

We always talk about the right and wrong ways to do influencer marketing. We’ve outlined the steps to take, the things that can go wrong, the best practices for getting excellent content from your participants. But we thought, wouldn’t it be helpful to show examples of brands who are doing a great job?

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How Influencer Marketing Helps Build Trust for Your Brand

On the Winding Road to Purchase, Influencer Marketing Helps Build Trust

Sometimes we get questions from people who don’t understand the value of influencer marketing or are having trouble quantifying that value to their bosses. They want to know: How does this work? Why is this any different than the other ads I buy? Sometimes influencer project money comes straight from a media buying budget. We get it. You need to quantify these programs and explain to your stakeholders why they are worth your time and most importantly why they are worth your money.

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Take a Vacation from Worrying About Influencer Marketing

Use This Travel Analogy to Get Your Influencer Marketing Campaign Off the Ground.

We know influencer marketing can be overwhelming. We’ve written about some of the common concerns that plague marketers when they consider this tactic. Running an influencer campaign can seem daunting if you’ve never done it before, there are so many components to make a successful campaign. It’s helpful to think about it in terms of planning a vacation- your first trip is intimidating but after you get through the lines and listen to the flight attendant’s safety info once or twice, you’re an old pro. Here’s a little analogy to explain the steps of an influencer marketing campaign.

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Anatomy of a Bad Post

Scott Disick shows us what bad influencer marketing looks like

Sometimes we dissect post for our clients to help them better understand why a piece of content was meaningful for their brand and why it may have garnered a good response from followers. Today, we’re going to show you the anatomy of a terrible post.  You may have read this morning about the Instagram blunder committed by Scott Disick (of Kardashian proximity fame). We’re seizing this opportunity to show you exactly what it looks like when influencer marketing is done poorly and for the wrong reasons.

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Why Does Every Brand Want to Be (Part of) Coachella?

A lesson on relevance from the most popular festival

To be fair, there’s not much of 1999 culture that we talk about anymore: Lou Bega, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, capri pants, Y2K… all easy to categorize as no longer relevant. But Coachella -- the biggest summer millennial hot zone for brands which wrapped up yesterday-- started all the way back in 1999 and has gained in popularity year over year. Brands were falling over themselves to hitch their reputation to this oasis festival in the California desert. But what has made Coachella a success story instead of falling off the face of the earth like Lilith Fair? Here are 4 things your brand can learn from Coachella.

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Maybe You're Not Ready for Influencer Marketing

Questions that tell us you're not ready for an influencer marketing campaign

It is never easy to turn business away. But a smart company knows when a client is a good fit-- when you are speaking the same language, measuring the same metrics, and striving for common goals-- and when they’re not. Sometimes we have to have a heart-to-heart with brands who are getting into the influencer marketing game for all the wrong reasons. Tough conversations are necessary to reset a client’s expectations and make sure that everyone has realistic objectives. Here are some common questions that tell us you’re probably not ready for influencer marketing.

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