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Launching a Non-traditional Product Through Social Influencers

How social influencers can help introduce a novel product into the tech, retail and food industries.

New products come in all shapes and sizes. The same is true for social influencers; posting styles, follower counts, interest categories and so much more varies between the forces who have power over today's purchasing patterns and traditional ad buys. When planning an influencer component to a product launch campaign, it's crucial for brands to consider if an influencer can actually speak to the target demographic of their new product. 

Approximately 92% of consumers trust recommendations from other people over branded content, which makes it no surprise that about 65% of brands participate in influencer marketing. With 52% of those companies having a stand-alone sponsored social budget, influencer marketing is here to stay, and can dramatically increase the chance of success for new products.

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10 Influencers Who #InstaTravel Their Way Through the World

So long, travel agents. Snapfluencers are the new adventure gurus in town.

In the age of on-demand,
visual networks like Instagram, today’s traveler has the ultimate resource to inspire their next vacation: travel ‘grammers. These creators bring more than just a pristine pool + cocktail photo to their audience, but intimate insights into the best hangouts, photo-worthy spots, eats and adventures in a given location.

We have the pleasure of monitoring (and living vicariously through) the lives of creators all over the world, so we're highlighting a few who dedicate their 'grams to providing the most rich/real/eye-poppingly-incredible depictions of their travels.

So pop a mini umbrella in your coffee cup, sit back and let these Snapfluencers show you what their #InstaParadise looks like.

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Creating an International Community: Worldwide InstaMeet 11

How Instagram and Twitter perpetuated the Worldwide Instameet 11 conversation to reach over 362 million people

Last weekend was the 11th Worldwide Instameet, where Instagrammers came together with their local Insta-communities to share in a weekend of photo moment making with the ones who appreciate their ‘grams the most. 

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Campaign Snapshot: Loot Crate

How Snapfluence Helped Loot Crate Reach Top Nerds of the 'Net

The creative minds behind popular subscription service Loot Crate came to Snapfluence looking to amp up the social conversation surrounding their brand and drive sales with the help of targeted social influencers. Realizing that their most loyal fan base existed among serious gamers and ‘geeky’ YouTube creators, the brand wanted to target social influencers who could speak to a new demographic of followers.

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Don't Let Your Sponsored Content Fail on Instagram

3 Ways to Avoid Failed Sponsored Content on Instagram

In a world of disappearring Snapchat ads and linkable Instagram promotions, early-form sponsored content like promoted tweets and Facebook posts are becoming the new normal for traditional digital media buys. But when brands can't afford a mega pricey in-app advertisement, and stray from these 'traditional' forms of sponsored content to utilize social influencers, it's careful planning that ensures they're still investing in a customized source of content creation and promotion.

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4 Viral Video Influencers You Want To Know

The viral videos we can't stop watching, and the Snapfluencers behind them. 

From filming dogs on skateboards to coining viral phrases (cue "Ain’t nobody got time for that" gif), the top creators of online video content have achieved their social stardom through all sorts of unique concepts and methods. 

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Campaign Snapshot | The Ting Tings

How social influencers helped launch and trend a new single on non-traditional social media. 

Client Objectives: 

We worked with the creative forces behind popular musical duo The Ting Tings to promote social awareness of the band’s single "Wrong Club" that launched in early January 2015. In addition to lifting the social conversation around #WrongClub, the group aimed to increase song tags on Shazam, but specifically have the song trending on the app in the Southern California region.

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Campaign Snapshot: Tim Hortons Cafe & Bakeshop | #TimsTackySweater

How SEEN & Snapfluence helped launch a social campaign + new product with on-brand content.

Client Objectives:

For the holiday season, Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop launched a snazzy, new holiday cup design made to look like a tacky holiday sweater. 

The brand came to SEEN to find influencers to capture creative "moments made tacky" to share on Instagram and Twitter in order to amp up the #TimsTackySweater social conversation and provide reusable, on-brand content.

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How To Not Be Afraid Of Your Influencers' Content Creation

Trust that visual content success is in the eye of the followers

No matter how sterling a marketer's track record is, when it comes to running influencer marketing campaigns, there’s bound to be a client who's unhappy with a piece of their influencers' curated content. Knowing there’s nothing worse then investing time and money into a project only to be unhappy with the outcome, it's important to consider that these brands may simply be looking past the root of influencer marketing success: the followers.

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