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Social Humans Podcast Season Two

Conversations with creators

We constantly work to raise the tide of influencer marketing, elevating the conversation from “how to get influencers to sell your fit tea” to a more meaningful dialogue about partnering with content creators to interpret and share your brand’s story.

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Social Humans Season One

Listen to the complete first season of the podcast brought to you by Snapfluence.

All of the episodes of the first season of Social Humans are now live! We featured stories from a wide range of influencers which can all be heard on SoundCloud.
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Vlogxit: The Influencer Exit

What Casey Neistat's exit means for the influencer community

The announcement of CNN’s $25 million-dollar acquisition of YouTuber Casey Neistat’s video app “Beme” probably leaves you with a whole slew of head-scratching questions.  Who is Casey Neistat? What is Beme? How is it possibly worth $25 million to a major news network?  Is there going to be a trend in the influencer industry of multi-million dollar exits?

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What’s the story with Instagram Stories?

If your first thought is “Isn’t this exactly like Snapchat’s story?” Well, then you’re right.  It is.

Instagram has made no effort to hide the copycat factor as they rolled out their stories function yesterday evening. They’re promoting the new feature with a sleek and vibrant 60 second, high-energy video.  Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom was quoted as saying “They (Snapchat) deserve all the credit…This is about a format, and how you take it to a network and put your own spin on it.”  Even if you don’t love Instagram’s copying, you certainly have to respect the honesty.

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Mythbusting Influencer Marketing

What you should really know about influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been steadily growing in popularity as more and more brands realize the potential of using their true fans to spread their brand message. However, like any new topic, there is a surge of misinformation that surrounds influencer marketing and may be off-putting for marketers thinking about trying this approach. Fortunately, we’re here to put some of these myths to rest. With a firm understanding of what will work for your brand, you can effectively leverage influencers for your next campaign.

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Craft Beer & Influencer Marketing: Surprisingly Similar

What do craft beer and influencer marketing have in common?

A whole lot, if you look closely.

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