Benefits of User Generated Content for Instagram Marketing

Posted by Alex Ditty on Oct 29, 2014 1:02:00 PM

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Trying to grow your Instagram Marketing?

The key may be user-generated content over your own.

With all that we’ve learned and experienced from working with Instagram, one thing has remained constant; Instagram continues to be the top social network for showcasing a brand’s lifestyle. 

520We’ve seen a lot of brands who have built Instagram to be an incredible channel for showcasing this lifestyle but it’s the brands that leverage user-generated content who see the best results from their social media marketing efforts.

Building Instagram as a marketing channel

We’ve often written about the best ways to build a presence and how to grow followers on Instagram because we view this as a necessary step for any brand looking to engage their community. With the increased engagement that Instagram offers, compared to other social networks, this can be a very beneficial step for a brand looking to make an impact with the network.

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Leveraging UGC for marketing

User-generated content gives you the opportunity to benefit from the stream of content produced by fans who are constantly consuming and sharing about your brand. The credibility and extended reach that comes with these photos and videos from your most loyal fans offers a better promotional value than the same types of brand-designed posts from your own account. 

By leveraging user-generated content you can gain: 

  • Increased content- Collecting and finding content for your visual marketing efforts is difficult. Creating it yourself is time consuming, but using content from other resources isn’t as effective. By encouraging fans to share content with your brand, you effectively crowd source your content creation efforts.
  • Authentic content- Not only are you gaining a large volume of content, these users also provide highly-engaging post material. Consumers find posts from their friends to be more engaging than branded posts and will almost certainly talk up being featured by an admired brand on their personal accounts.
  • Content from your most passionate fans- Nothing showcases the value of your brand better than the moments shared by your community. When you’re able to encourage your community to share content promoting your brand, the passion from your loyal fans shines and gives your brand some incredible promotional content.
  • Content that can teach you about your community- Content that shows you a snapshot of your fans’ moments and experiences with your brand can be used to learn more about your fan demographic, their interests and associates of your brand. By analyzing this content you can unearth some unexpected insights for your future marketing efforts.

UGC is great for promoting products in an authentic way, and in turn gives brands the opportunity to create unique opportunities to encourage community sharing. One of the best ways to increase this UGC is by creating campaigns for your community to participate in.

By creating moments for them to share, you can encourage brand participation and promotion to their followers. Using tools like the SEEN Campaign Manager, you can manage the conversations your community is having and easily engage with them.

For your brand to succeed on Instagram you need to consider how to share engaging content with your community, while also creating interactive opportunities for your fans to join in the sharing. Check out the SEEN Visual Marketing Suite to learn how you can take advantage of these opportunities!

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