Brands Who Are Doing Influencer Marketing Right

Posted by Ami Iannone on Jun 10, 2016 4:30:00 PM

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Learn from the best.

influencer_marketing_learningWe always talk about the right and wrong ways to do influencer marketing. We’ve outlined the steps to take, the things that can go wrong, the best practices for getting excellent content from your participants. But we thought, wouldn’t it be helpful to show examples of brands who are doing a great job?

So we put together a list of current and former clients who have each mastered a different part of the influencer marketing process.


Identifying the perfect influencer personas | SpaghettiOs

One of the most important steps in the Influencer marketing process is figuring out who is the right advocate for your brand. Getting enthusiastic participants to create meaningful content and expose their audiences to your brand hinges on this piece: knowing who is a good brand match. SpaghettiOs knew that their product is a childhood favorite and a choice for busy moms everywhere. They chose moms and dads on Instagram who posted frequently with their families to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this beloved childhood snack. Additionally, they used influencers who loved Sci-Fi, comic books, and video games to help promote the launch of their special edition Star Wars cans. The resulting content perfectly captures the fun spirit of the brand.


My little stormtrooper feeds her Dark Side with #StarWars #SpaghettiOs ❤ #ad

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Creating Meaningful Brand Experiences | TAKE5

When it comes to inspiring content, one of the most surefire ways to hit the nail on the head is to provide influencers with a meaningful brand experience. What does that mean?  Well, take a lesson from TAKE5. They set out to have influencers capture the Remixed TAKE5 bar’s new branding. To do this they’re creating a series of experiences throughout 2016 that remix the every day. At SXSW they invited influencers to the TAKE5 Swag Exchange to swap their unwanted swag for some awesome remixed swag-- like a free Uber ride, or a line sitter, or a year’s worth of candy bars. The experience embodied the fun, surprising and uncommon spirit that the brand was trying to inspire in the content creators.


Allowing Creator Freedom | Hilton Garden Inn

HGI_Map.pngWe know it can be scary to trust the process and allow influencers to have creative freedom representing your brand. But if you have selected influencers who are a genuine brand fit and provided them with all of the tools and brand education that they need, giving them creative license can lead to incredible, authentic content. Hilton Garden Inn wanted to learn about the best spots in 19 different American cities so they could create an interactive map for guests visiting those destinations. They selected talented city-insider photographers to document their favorite spots around town. The result? An unfiltered guide to non-touristy destinations in some of America’s best cities and a major value add for Hilton Garden Inn’s guests.



Brand Education | Tommy John

Tommy John is a high-end men’s underwear brand. Their product is exceptional and they knew the exact right type of man to represent it. With the new product launch, though, they needed to build their brand equity. So while we could find the right influencer, we had to take time to cultivate the influencer’s interest in, familiarity with and ultimately enthusiasm about the product. We worked with Tommy John to provide extensive one-on-one brand education via brand guide materials and personal video calls with each influencer. This approach is more work upfront, but the benefit is manyfold. This process turns influencers into confident brand advocates and life long customers. The content created from these campaigns is seamlessly authentic because the influencers are properly educated about the product’s value proposition and can advocate for the brand.

Whether you’re trying to identify the best Content Creators to partner with or working to educate them on your new product launch, influencer marketing can be a difficult task for even the savviest social media marketers. We hope these examples from our partners help inspire your next program. To learn more about effective influencer campaign execution, download our free influencer marketing planning guide!

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