Building a Branded Experience for Social Influencers

Posted by Jillian Londino on Dec 16, 2014 4:38:21 PM

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How we create personalized experiences to inspire our influencers’ sharable moments. 

We’re all about building an unforgettable experience for our social media superstars during a Snapfluence campaign, which often comes in the form of a pre-post gift package. 


We work with our brand partners to put together a branded experience to inspire our influencers’ creativity, which most often comes in the form of branded swag, campaign-related knick-knacks and gift cards. We know our clients’ time is precious, so we take care of the packaging, picture-perfect gift wrapping and Fedex running.

These personalized packages put an emphasis on our personal relationships with the influencers, and provides our members an additional moment to show off the awesome opportunity they were hand picked for!

Here’s a few examples of the shareable moments we made for some past influencers. 

Team Pebbles

Screen_Shot_2014-12-16_at_3.16.07_PM  IMG_2461  static.squarespace

We helped Post surprise their Team Pebbles influencers with personalized gift boxes for both Team Fruity and Team Cocoa before the launch of the campaign. Our packages included a cereal box, spoons and bowls along with team spirit items such as branded towels, pennants, t-shirts and more. The influencers were encouraged to use these items to show off which Pebbles team they were supporting, and created some terrific, on-brand photo moments.



Screen_Shot_2014-12-16_at_3.25.06_PM  Screen_Shot_2014-12-16_at_3.25.30_PM  gildan

Last summer we worked with Gildan Activewear to amp up the #GildanFavorites social conversation surrounding their Triple A Baseball sponsorship, and all-around brand awareness. Gildan provided dozens of t-shirts, sweatshirts and socks to surprise the influencers with, and we took it a step further, including some blow-up bats, Big League Chew and Cracker Jacks for them to enjoy at the baseball games we were sending them to! We also tracked down top-sharing users in the #GildanFavorites conversation and sent them a variety of Gildan clothing items. All of these “surprise and delight” pieces yielded additional user-generated content from Instagram and Twitter for their campaign, and Gildan fans for life!


Tim Hortons

IMG_3559  Screen_Shot_2014-12-16_at_3.31.53_PM  IMG_3701

For the launch of their 2014 holiday cup design, we helped Tim Hortons find the perfect social influencers to share “moments made tacky” in their #TimsTackySweater campaign! Each influencer was treated to a package of Tim Hortons coffee, holiday cups, tacky sweater koozies and gift cards to inspire their photo moments. Topped off with a festive bow and heaping helping of tissue paper, we gave these influencers all kinds of festive items to use in their posts, and hopefully, some holiday memories!


The Final Touch


No influencer can leave the office without one thing – a handwritten thank-you card.  After weeks of email communication and coaching on the brand's guidelines, it’s important for us to show the influencers how much we appreciate their hard work and creativity. A personal note from one of our Community Managers makes it to each influencer before the campaign starts, and sometimes after if they went above and beyond their requirements. 

Learn more details that go into the process of planning an Instagram influencer campaign by downloading our Step-by-Step Guide to Influencer Campaigns.  

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