Building Trust with your Clients: Influencer Campaign Development

Posted by Alex Ditty on Nov 17, 2016 3:30:00 PM

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How to build trust with your clients during the development of your influencer campaign

influencer_marketing_client_trustThis post is the first in a series of posts educating our agency partners on how to establish and cultivate the trust with their clients that is necessary for a successful influencer marketing campaign. As a relatively new tactic for most marketers, it can be difficult to take the leap of faith into influencer marketing. But you can feel a lot more confident taking the leap when you and your client have fostered a strong relationship founded on trust and transparency. From campaign development, campaign planning, management and post-campaign reporting, we’ll walk through each of the steps of a successful influencer program and detail how to best approach the client relationship to give them confidence in your execution and the program’s deliverables. We recommend that you subscribe to our blog to stay up-to-date on each of these steps!


Program Inspiration & Goal Development

So you’ve deciding to launch an influencer marketing campaign. You’re on an exciting path and one that can lead to some amazing results for your client. Whether the initial inspiration to run the program came from you or your client, and whether this is your first influencer program or you’re a seasoned vet - the first piece of this puzzle is establishing what success will look like and how you’ll be achieving those results.

Working with your client, you’ll want to answer a few questions:


What’s the audience that you’re trying to reach?

Both you and the brand know who your target consumers are. With this campaign, you want to be definitive in what segments of that audience you’re trying to reach. This will influence (pun not intended) everything from what influencers you’re bringing onto the program to how you structure the program overall.


How are you going to reach them?

When you know what audience you’re trying to reach, the decision needs to be made on how exactly you’re going to be targeting that community. Answering this question will be easy if you’re familiar with the campaign’s target audience. That familiarity will lead you to the networks that the program should focus on and what content types will best resonate with them. For example, a campaign that’s targeting Baby Boomer males probably wouldn’t be a good fit for Snapchat.


How will you determine if you do it well or not?

Deciding on the audience you’re targeting and the networks that will be implemented to do this will largely determine the success metrics that are available to you. But both you and your client will need to establish what success for the campaign looks like and what metrics will be used to determine that success. There are the standard vanity metrics from the networks that should be used, Instagram Likes, Snapchat Views, Retweets on Twitter, etc. but we recommend going a step further by analyzing a comparison of these metrics across each of the influencers’ posts looking at specific individuals and content types that performed well, as well as members of your community that were highly engaged. We’ll show you more about how to do this in our fourth installment on post-campaign reporting. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the post!

From the initial inspiration of the program through the goal development, constant communication with the client on why and how this program will be executed is paramount. This will make the subsequent steps of the campaign run much smoother and set the foundation for your relationship throughout the campaign.


Program Concept

From the establishment of your goals will come the development of how the program will actually be executed. Your early decisions on what audience to key in on how you’ll leverage specific networks will help refine your program concept.

Here is where you’ll formulate the specific ask of the influencers, the how, why and what they’ll be sharing for your program. The concept of the program and how/what the influencers will be sharing often comes from the inspiration for why you’re running the program. Many creative agencies will workshop brilliant campaign ideas to engage their client’s audience and as you refine who you’re specifically trying to reach and how, the program’s concept will become more specific.

Moreover, you’ll begin to identify potential pitfalls of the program which is one of the most undervalued aspects of ironing out the program concepts. Getting ahead of any logistical issues and creating possible backup plans will help you avoid problems and prevent calamities like travel issues that could be worrisome to your client down the road. After all, you’re dealing with people which is an inexact science. Anything can happen in the spontaneity of a program. It’s part of what contributes to influencer marketing’s viral success but it’s also what can create such headaches when managing a program. We’ve seen some of our favorite partners devote presentations to their clients entirely focused on what could go wrong with an influencer program. That may seem counter-intuitive when you’re pitching a program, but we’ve seen this self-admission of influencer marketing’s imperfections do wonders for client relationships. The most surefire way to build trust with your clients when you’re running an influencer program is to show them that you’re on top of these potential pitfalls before they even become a reality.

Stay tuned for the next installments on how you to build trust with your clients throughout an influencer marketing program. Next, we’ll build on the program’s development to bring you details on the planning of the campaign, covering the discovery, approval, and recruitment of the influencers. It’s a piece that can make or break a campaign and a client relationship so you don’t want to miss it. Subscribe for more and get in touch with our team to learn everything you need to know about executing successful influencer marketing programs for your clients!


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