Building Trust with your Clients: Program Review

Posted by Alex Ditty on Mar 21, 2017 11:00:00 AM

In Influencer Marketing, Planning Campaigns

How to build trust with your clients during the program review

This post is the sixth in a series of posts educating our agency partners on how to establish and cultivate the trust with their clients that is necessary for a successful influencer marketing campaign.

As a relatively new tactic for most marketers, it can be difficult to take the leap of faith into influencer marketing. But you can feel a lot more confident taking the leap when you and your client have fostered a strong relationship founded on trust and transparency. From campaign development, campaign planning, management and post-campaign reporting, we’ll walk through each of the steps of a successful influencer program and detail how to best approach the client relationship to give them confidence in your execution and the program’s deliverables. We recommend that you subscribe to our blog to stay up-to-date on each of these steps!


Even after the last content has been posted, your work isn’t quite done. You’ll want to run a postmortem with each of the stakeholders to build upon the success for next time and to understand where you could have improved.


Campaign Reporting

With the campaign audit in hand, you can start to analyze how different influencer content performed. You should develop reports that aim to answer the initial hypotheses during the program inspiration and goal development stage. You created this campaign to accomplish a specific goal, whether it was to create awareness for a new product launch or to better tell your brand’s story, use these reports as a tool for tracking your success against these goals.

Remember that your client might share these reports with people who weren’t involved in the initial program-- use these as an opportunity to demonstrate the value of influencer marketing and to brag about the awesome content.

Key lesson: Post-campaign reporting will help you understand what made your program successful and then present those successes to your team and your client.


Insights & Learning

Creating a campaign report will help you understand what went well and what you can replicate (or avoid!) in future campaigns.

We encourage influencer marketing teams to use their programs not just as a way to build awareness but also as a learning opportunity. Make sure you’re listening-- not just directing. Influencers, and their audiences, can teach you about public brand perception. Maybe your product has a niche use you weren’t aware of, or perhaps your target demographic is a little different than what you initially thought.

Key lesson: Building in a learning objective to your campaign strategy is a smart way to provide additional, unique value to your clients.


The Next Program

With the campaign reporting and insights in hand, start planning to apply these lessons to your next campaign. Conducting a postmortem with your team, the client, and the influencers will help strengthen your relationship with each of them while improving on opportunities for future campaigns together.

Inevitably, there were some bumps along the way with your campaign. Work with your team to understand the root cause of those problems and how to better account for them on the next campaign.

Work with the influencers to provide feedback on their content. They will appreciate honest, constructive criticisms that can help them improve future collaborations and they will love to hear positive sentiment from the brand. This feedback increases the strength of your relationship and the likelihood that you can work together again in the future.

Finally, arrange a post-campaign call with your client to review the positives and negatives of the campaign. Covering the good and the bad will solidify your partnership.

Key lesson: Your job isn't done when the campaign is done. Review every detail with each stakeholder to improve on this experience for the next campaign.