Treat your Instagram audience the same as your email audience

Posted by Brian Zuercher on Jun 13, 2014 10:30:00 AM

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The same principles that grow your email audience can grow your Instagram following

Clients, Customers, Leads, Consumers, Buyers...oh my!  These are words used to describe humans (most of the time) that are part of an Audience that we are trying to build a relationship with.  We are all one of these people, but for some reason we speak in unfamiliar ways about these people as though they are a Lord of the Rings character.

We’d like to inspire conversations among brand marketers about how to effectively treat an Instagram presence as a part of their Audience Development strategy. We’re not the experts on the audience concept, but we love what Jeff Rohrs (@jkrohrs) is publishing and talking about and hope to build on how that can be incorporated into effective strategies for channels like Instagram.

For starters here’s questions we are asking ourselves about the leading brands on Instagram.

  • Do we treat our fan engagement and building our following like building an email marketing list?
  • Are we measuring the effectiveness of post by time, content type, and messaging?
  • Have we properly crafted a hypothesis that we can test to see the effectiveness of our efforts?
  • Is a channel like Instagram placed into the mobile marketing strategy in our organization or is it another social media thing?

There are no right answers.   We’re back to the wild west of marketing (thankfully) and we’re all learning what works.  We’ll do our best to help share experiences, stories, and strategies we see are working.

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