Campaign Snapshot: Bath & Body Works | #bbwsweetheart

Posted by Alex Ditty on Aug 28, 2015 3:30:00 PM

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How Bath & Body Works used an Instagram contest to engage their fans

Popular retailer, Bath & Body Works, launched the “Bath & Body Works Sweetheart” contest on Instagram to promote their Sweetheart Collection to their socially active audience. The contest revolved around sharing on Instagram as an authentic way to showcase each of the three different “sweetheart” scents. Bath & Body Work’s aim was to use an Instagram contest as a way to incentivize their community to share about the fragrances from their own perspective. To this possible, Bath & Body works used the SEEN Campaign Management Platform to easily interact with the campaign’s participants and display their content on a custom, branded gallery for the contest.



To activate this campaign, Bath & Body Works used separate hashtags for each of the three different Sweetheart fragrances. #bbwberry, #bbwhoney and #bbwdaisy were all tracked in the SEEN system to monitor the sharing of their contest’s participants. The participants were encouraged to share photos of the Sweetheart Collection in store or at their home for a chance to win Sweetheart branded prizes. Bath & Body Works used this sharing as an opportunity interact and engage the participants of the contest. Simply by commenting on the posts that their community shared, Bath & Body Works was able to strengthen the fans’ relationships with the brand while increasing visibility for @bathandbodyworks on Instagram. 

Bath_and_Body_Work_Instagram_Fan_ReactionThe Instagram contest was a successful boost for Bath & Body Work’s promotion of the Sweetheart Collection. And this was in large part due to the engagement they provided to the consumers. By commenting on the participants’ posts, Bath & Body Works was able to encourage more people to get involved in the contest. The SEEN Campaign Manager made this interaction simple. Most importantly, Bath & Body Works leveraged Registration Workflows on the SEEN Galleries to use the campaign as a lead generation opportunity. Participants who shared a photo were invited to come to the gallery to register their post and provide contact information to receive special offers from Bath & Body Works. Overall, the campaign reached a wide audience, which helped Bath & Body Works grow their following on Instagram and build strong relationships with that community.

Like Bath & Body Works, you can get started with Instagram contests by leverage the SEEN Campaigns Platform to engage your community and display their authentic UGC


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