Do you know what your community is doing on Instagram?

Posted by Alex Ditty on Aug 20, 2015 5:30:00 PM

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How running Instagram contests can help you learn about your social media community

Instagram_Analytics_ToolInstagram contests are a valuable vehicle for authentic social promotion. And with Instagram analytics tools like SEEN Insights, these contests can also become a learning opportunity for future marketing initiatives. To do this effectively, we’ll cover the reports you need to use in order to make this learning possible; but first we want to cover why this is such a valuable opportunity for your business.


Why you should run Instagram contests to learn about your community

Instagram contests are a great way to connect with your community and build authentic promotion for you brand. You can run contests to incentivize your community to share about specific products and services, driving awareness in each feed. The placement of your business in your community’s lives via Instagram helps increase demand for your products. And social media gives consumers a voice to share feedback and enthusiasm. Contests provide opportunities to facilitate this promotion in a manner that’s beneficial for your brand. The contests work best on Instagram compared to other social networks because it still leads all other social networks in terms of social engagement.

The best brands on Instagram have harnessed the value of creating Instagram contests to engage their community. It’s simple to launch these programs when you leverage the right resources like the free guide to planning Instagram campaigns. But the real value of these contests is truly seen when you run multiple Instagram contests. The more contests you implement, the more opportunities that your community has to interact with you and the more data you’ll have to analyze their engagement and activities with you.

As helpful as all of this promotion and engagement is, contests on Instagram also serve the valuable purpose of teaching you about your community to help with this engagement and promotion in the long-term.


How to report on your Instagram community

There are specific reports that you can leverage to help you understand different aspects about your community and their activities with you on Instagram. Each serves its own purpose and helps you achieve the overall goal of helping you better understanding your community. When used together there’s a powerful story that can be told about your social media marketing. Leverage the SEEN Insights platform to get started with your own reporting.

Learn what your community is sharing with SEEN Insights

Overall, your goals are to understand who makes up the individuals of your community, what types of content they’re sharing and what they’re engaging with. This will impact your own sharing and engagement with your community to help your overall Instagram marketing as well as the success of your future Instagram contests.


Find who is sharing

The first step in learning about your community is to determine who your community is. Leveraging User Participation Reports can help you find who is the most actively sharing with your campaign, to find those most passionate members of your community. The amount of visual content shared is an important metric to know, but you want to dive deeper into that sharing to measure who specifically involved in this participation. This will help you understand both the growth of the campaign's sharing as well as who your most passionate fans are. When measuring the sharing with the hashtag, analyze the user participation to see if there were a lot of posts from the same people sharing repeatedly or if there were a wide variety of people sharing. Neither is necessarily better than the other depending on the campaign's activation. If the same people were sharing a lot, you can see who those enthusiastic participants were and reward them for their activity. If it was new people sharing, then you're doing a great job of promoting your hashtag to reach a wider audience.


Find content types that are resonating

As you learn more about who was participating with your campaign, you can begin to understand what content was gaining the most engagement from their sharing. Analyzing the Relative Engagement of the posts that each participant shared can give you an idea of the performance of those posts as it relates to other posts in the contest. The Relative Engagement simply looks at the engagement (likes and comments) that a post received as a comparison to the sharer’s overall following. An average post on Instagram receives around 3.5% Relative Engagement. Look for those posts that are performing above that average to see how to predict your content’s success in future initiatives.


Find people driving engagement

With the top performing content in mind, you’ll also want to know what individuals are driving that engagement. Similar to Relative Engagement, the pIQ Score can be used to find well-performing posts and the individuals who are posting them. Measuring the posts and the people sharing will help you identify those high performing opportunities to grow your Instagram marketing. Leverage the pIQ Score to find the individuals that are performing best amongst your community. This is indicative of what your community likes because of the way that it weighs the likes and comments against the overall reach of the content.


With these reports in hand for each of your campaigns, your brand can take full advantage of the opportunities that contests on Instagram create from the promotion and engagement to the learning. Gain access to the SEEN Insights Instagram analytics tool to start learning about your community today!