3 Ways to Efficiently Manage Your Next Instagram Campaign

Posted by Alex Ditty on Aug 21, 2014 3:51:13 PM

In Planning Campaigns

Everything you need to consider for effective campaign management

We’ve all been there. You’re working with your team to plan an Instagram campaign when someone asks how you’re going to manage the campaign along with everything else on your plate. In the excitement of the planning phase, the actual management of the promotion can easily be overlooked along with all of the other details you need to consider; however, thorough campaign management is vital in executing a successful campaign. To help you with this, we have built the Campaign Management Platform, which gives you the ability to engage your participants, create attractive galleries to display your content, and easily measure your campaign’s success. Consider the following when determining how you’ll manage your next Instagram campaign:


Content Display


Instagram campaigns are great ways to drive authentic content promoting your brand. The brand awareness that’s achieved from this user-generated content is invaluable and should be showcased. The best way to do this and to increase the exposure of the content overall is to aggregate the visuals shared on Instagram and Twitter into a single campaign gallery. We provide brands with easy to use, customizable galleries that will save you time and resources while also giving you a way to show your audience that you appreciate their participation. 

Both the beauty and the beast of social media marketing is that anyone has the ability to participate with your campaign. Its a great way to expand your community, but there is always the risk of trolls hijacking your campaign. This makes the moderation of your campaigns galleries essential. It is necessary to have full control over the content that will be displayed in order to prevent irrelevant or even inappropriate content from inadvertently being displayed and promoted by your brand. 



When running an Instagram campaign, it is best practice to build a two-way conversation with your participants. This 1:1 engagement will increase your promotion by strengthening your relationship with the individuals in your community and validating their participation, which will then lead to ongoing participation in your current and future campaigns. Determining how accomplish this is often a challenge because the Instagram app doesn’t allow for multiple accounts or a quick, easy way to interact with your audience. With tools like the Engagement Workflow in our Campaign Management Platform, you can easily communicate with your campaign audience using single click interactions. 


Monitoring Success

To be able to accurately and efficiently report on the results of your efforts, you must track the campaign performance against the goals you determined when analyzing the opportunity. The ability to stay on top of this with regular reporting and tracking of the metrics is vital. However, monitoring your community engagement and translating that information to your overall campaign goals can be extremely time consuming. The Campaign Management Platform tracks these relevant stats for you so you can relay the campaigns success to your team. In addition, the Insights platform also enables you to learn more about your community for future marketing efforts.  


We’re here to make managing your Instagram marketing campaigns as easy as ever. Everything from building a gallery of shared content, to monitoring and engaging with your participants, to accurately aligning the outcome of your campaign with your goals, this can all be done easily and effectively within the SEEN Platform. Download our Campaign Planning Guide to learn more!



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