Commenting Your Way to Engagement Success on Instagram

Posted by Alex Ditty on May 23, 2014 1:30:17 PM

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Are you trying to maximize your fan engagement on Instagram?

Building an engaged community on Instagram involves two-way interaction, not only encouraging fans to share posts but also interacting with those posts. The more involvement with the community, the better. But, if not done properly, this interaction can seem spammy and attract a negative connotation from your followers and Instagram’s spam filters.


A brand that exemplifies fan interaction is Warby Parker, who promptly responds to questions and comments, such as a fan's inquiry to a store location, pictured above. 

By learning from Instagram’s recommendations for interactions on their platform, brands can build their community based on long-term engagement and not just short-term wins. Maximize engagement on Instagram with your community by understanding the value of community interaction, following Instagram’s tips and producing real, spam-free content.

Instagram is continuing to make improvements to their photo-sharing community. As a result, they crackdown on spammy activities and Instagram can issue a temporary block or ban on activities like commenting or liking.

To prevent this type of activity from plaguing your instagramming habits, we have these tips that your account needs to achieve and maintain Instagram success:




1. Post original comments, uniquely identifying with each user

Comments shared to users should be personal and uniquely meant for them. When the same message is overused it looks spammy and members of your community won't identify with that.

2. Interact with a wide range of individuals in your community

Don’t blast a single user with messages repeatedly. Diversify your engagement by reaching out to your entire fan base. Everyone likes to feel special!

3. Make your comments more about your community and less about yourself

The purpose of this engagement is to build a relationship with your followers. Don’t make it all about your brand and focus more on interacting with their posts. Instead of selling yourself in the comment, highlight the content their sharing to foster that relationship. Even a simple like on one of your fans' photos can mean a lot. When they see you take the time to write out a comment to their post, that can go a long way towards delighting your customers. 

4. Use hashtags for your community to share with but remember, no one likes #hashtag #abuse

Hashtags are a great way to inject yourself into conversations and grow your exposure. But they can have a negative effect if you over do it. Keep your hashtags relevant to your brand and the conversation. We have some tips on how to pick the right hashtag.  


By following these rules, you can maximize your fan engagement and build a vibrant community of Instagrammers to promote your brand with visual content! 

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