3 Reasons To Look Beyond Facebook for Fan Engagement

Posted by Alex Ditty on Apr 16, 2014 6:20:00 PM

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There's more than just Facebook when it comes to social media marketing

One of the biggest keys to activating your Instagram contests or any social media campaign is deciding how you display and highlight the carefully crafted, visual content your community is sharing with you. With over 1 billion users, it’s easy to think that Facebook would be the perfect platform to showcase this content and gain maximum exposure, but our experience shows that "playing the field" with social platforms will evolve the experience your fans have come to expect. 

Brand marketers should look past the stigma of Facebook marketing ease and be open to other online properties for socially engaging and marketing to their audiences. 


Teens are leaving Facebook

  • The decline in teen users on Facebook has been covered so frequently, it’s become almost passé to reference. As elderly usage grows, teens appear to visit the site less, and it doesn’t look good for the social network behemoth's advertising demographics. If your brand is hoping to interact with teens who are active online, Facebook may not be the destination of choice for you.
    • Our recommendation: try Instagram. Instagram has an astounding presence among the younger generation and is only in the early stages of utilizing paid advertising. 

Limited accessibility on Facebook

  • One of the most popular uses of Facebook is to launch social media contests of user generated content on an app tab on your page. Facebook provides a great opportunity here to showcase the content from this fan engagement on desktops, but these app tabs don’t offer the same accessibility on mobile devices - somewhere your fans are increasingly spending time on.
    • Our recommendation: take your content to the web. Utilize one of our many galleries to showcase the user generated content from your Instagram contests in web & mobile optimized displays for all to see. 

Limited reach on Facebook

  • Since exposure to your content on Facebook is limited to only a percentage of the those individuals who have liked your page, marketers were hoping that the inclusion of hashtags into Facebook would be the silver bullet to grow organic reach on the platform. But unfortunately, marketers haven’t seen any viral growth from hashtag use. To grow their page’s network on Facebook, many brands run like-contests on their page encouraging people to like it in hopes of increasing the number of people who are getting exposed to their posts. But this in-authentic page growth doesn’t always yield the most engaged fans. 
    • Our recommendation: try Twitter. Chances are if you're active on Facebook you're utilizing a Twitter account already. Twitter allows all of your followers an equal chance to see your updates in their main newsfeed, and can always be linked to a more descriptive page!

Being the largest social network, it’s understandable why brands like to share their messages grow fan engagement on Facebook. However, when you’re showcasing your community's amazing visual content from Instagram contests, solely using Facebook as your campaign’s home can be very limiting. When your fans are telling your brand’s story, showcase their content in many different ways to increase exposure and don’t limit yourself to the silo of your brand page. 


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