How Hershey’s used visual influencers to drive holiday sales.

Posted by Brian Zuercher on Jan 29, 2014 1:34:00 PM

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The competition for consumer attention is fierce and crowded, especially during the holidays. Hershey’s saw this situation during the 2013 Holiday season as they faced the challenge of promoting their limited-time Peppermint Bark Bells sold exclusively at Target stores.

The Hershey’s team, like many others, needs to connect with their target audience on mobile devices, and mobile ads are not effective. Hershey’s tapped into the Seen Snapfluence network to reach these customers with authentic visual content.


How did it work?

Who? 25 Influential female visual content creators on Twitter & Instagram
What? Photos and videos posted showcasing the variety of uses of Peppermint Bark Bells - check it out here.
When? 4 weeks during peak holiday shopping

  • Over 1 million Twitter & Instagram users reached by posts
  • Target participation in campaign
  • Sold out candy!
  • Over 100 pieces of proprietary content
  • Identify positive and viral product associations


Like Hershey's, you can promote your next campaign with authentic user-generated content from visual influencers. To learn more about influencer campaign planning, click below to download our Step-By-Step Guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing.

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