How Higher Education Does Instagram Marketing

Posted by Alex Ditty on May 12, 2015 5:12:16 PM

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The University of South Carolina uses Instagram to engage their students and show off their school spirit

Instagram_uofscyes_laurenlagoonieThe high school and college-aged members of the Instagram community make the visual network the perfect social media marketing channel for colleges and universities across the country. Because their target audience is so active on Instagram, the University of South Carolina takes advantage of this opportunity to promote their school with authentic user-generated content (UGC) from their prospective and current students as well as their alumni. To facilitate this engagement, the UofSC digital strategy team engages students through the moments that define their collegiate experience and showcases this visual content to show what it means to be a Gamecock.

How to engage your students

One of the most difficult aspects of engaging your community on Instagram is continuing the engagement long-term. The University of South Carolina solves for this by continuously running multiple campaigns. All across UofSC’s Horseshoe and the rest of campus you will find various hashtags promoting initiatives the university is running. The campaigns are a great way for UofSC to continue their engagement with their current and prospective students.

One example of the moments they’ve created is with their #UofSCYES Instagram campaign targeted to admitted students. By placing the #UofSCYES hashtag on acceptance letters they’re inviting the new students to share their excitement of becoming a Gamecock to all of their followers on Instagram & Twitter. This cultivates a fun way for students to show their enthusiasm for the school while also extending the reach of the university’s marketing.

The UGC shared from the new students was displayed directly on the University of South Carolina homepage further building the excitement for students who’ve become #instafamous. And by displaying these posts on a SEEN Map Gallery UofSC could also showcase that the Gamecock community truly has “No Limits”.

What you can learn from the University of South Carolina

Your students, both current and future, as well as your alumni are sharing about your school and what it means to them. Help create these moments to share and use them as opportunities to show an authentic perspective of what your university stands for. Plan Instagram promotions to engage the people sharing about your school and enable them to tell your story for you.