How Smart Marketers are Solving the Ad Blocking Dilemma

Posted by Alex Ditty on Oct 9, 2015 3:30:00 PM

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Ad blocking problem? Influencer marketing solution.

Ad_blocking_influencer_marketingAfter the release of iOS 9 from Apple, which gives developers the ability to create ad blockers for content on the web, a lot has been written about ad blocking and its effects on the industry. This is a shift to the advertising industry that will dramatically change the way brands are engaging consumers online. Some feel that this comes as a result of years of websites over advertising, creating a less than ideal experience on the web. Many websites have too many ads and often, those ads have little relevancy to the viewer. Apple says their addition of ad blockers is a backlash for poorly designed websites that limit the overall web experience. It has been greeted enthusiastically by consumers but has some advertisers worried how they’ll promote to these consumers.

Many advertisers fear the effects that ad blocking could have on them and are looking for answers. Others, like Matthew Ingram, think that ad blockers could ultimately save the ad industry. Forcing advertisers to be more relevant and creative in their engagement would be beneficial for both the consumers and advertisers. Long before the push for ad blockers from iOS 9, consumers have always looked for ways to avoid ads. Because, as Eyal Pfeifel says, “if brands continue making annoying ads, consumers will continue finding ways to ignore those ads". As advertisers look for new ways to avoid intrusive ads, many savvy marketers are turning to social media influencers to fill this gap.

This new reliance on leveraging content creators for marketing programs is a more sustainable solution because of the authenticity and engagement that influencers create. The authenticity comes from the expectations of the influencers’ followers. Their followers look to the influencer as a ‘tastemaker’ within their specific interest area. So, when done right, their branded posts fit more seamlessly in their feed than web ads on popular news sites. The engagement with the social influencers is also higher than web ads because of the trust consumers place on user-generated content. Studies show that consumers put more weight on UGC than similar ads they see online. When leveraging authentic influencers like those found in the Snapfluence network, you’re targeting your ads to consumers in a much more effective and authentic way.

Advertising to consumers on the web seems to be an ongoing game of cat and mouse. The key to successful ads has always been and likely will always be, relevancy and creativity. Consumers don't want to see content that isn't relevant to them, and they certainly don't want to be poked and prodded with annoying ads. For your next advertising push, consider ways you can be more relevant and creative in your attempts to engage your consumers. More often than not, you'll find the solution to be leveraging authentic influencers and content creators.

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