How to Apply Instagram Data to your Social Media Marketing

Posted by Alex Ditty on Oct 7, 2014 8:59:46 AM

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Instagram data can be valuable for your marketing, if you know how to apply it

Resorts provide plenty of moments to share amazing photos and videos. These posts are great for authentic user-generated content promoting the resort’s experience but by applying Instagram analysis tactics these posts also provide opportunities to learn some unexpected insights.

By analyzing data points such as locations, hashtags and dates of photos that were shared to the campaign, Atlantis could determine how their community was sharing content to help guide their future marketing efforts.


Location Data:

Typically when a campaign is specific to a certain event or location a majority - if not all - of the posts with that campaign are shared within those bounds. However, analyzing the location data associated with the posts shared with #atlantisresort it was found that over 85% of the posts had been shared outside of the resort. This has some profound impacts on the resort in both encouraging this behavior - having more people share posts before and after their vacations as well as creating more opportunities for people to share content from the resort itself. Promoting more ‘throwback’ campaigns to their guests who have previously stayed at the resort gives Atlantis more chances to engage those fans and showcase their resort with authentic content.


Analyzing the dates of the photos were shared showed the success of Atlantis’ various events at the resort. The most popular day of social activity being New Years Day. With this information, Atlantis can further predict and anticipate the social success of their upcoming events. At the parties like the New Year’s Atlantis can create moments for people to share, highlighting the fun to be had at the resort.


The hashtags associated with the posts in this campaign helps support the analysis from the location data and dates. Digging deeper into the location data we saw that #tbt (Throwback Thursday) was one of the most popular hashtags associated with these posts. This helped clarify that not only were people sharing their posts outside of the resort but also that this was happening after the enjoyed their trip to the resort. Additionally, seeing that #happynewyear was one of the most used hashtags supports the social success of their New Year’s events.

The data associated with the posts that your community is sharing can unearth some powerful insights that can help grow your marketing efforts for future campaign when you apply these analysis tactics. Download our guide to Using Instagram Data to Drive Marketing Insights and learn how to apply these tactics for your initiatives.

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