How to Evaluate Influencers for your Next Campaign

Posted by Alex Ditty on Nov 5, 2015 2:30:00 PM

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Are you sure you're using the right influencers for your campaigns? 


Instagram_Influencer_EvaluationSo, you've decided to launch an influencer marketing campaign to amplify your brand on Instagram. You’ll see a lot of benefits with this decision. But, in the campaign planning process, you may face some difficulty with vetting the influencers to join the campaign. The content creators that you select will make or break this promotion - which makes this process so vital. If you’ve followed the right steps to find the best Instagram influencers, then this process won’t be as difficult. Once you’re ready to select which influencers you’ll activate for the campaign, you'll need to determine their fit based on a few variables. For example, you don't just want influencers with a high following, but rather, influencers that are driving engagement with your targeted audience. We'll outline some of the necessary steps to evaluate and vet these influencers for your next Instagram campaign. To learn each step of a successful influencer campaign, download our free influencer campaign planning guide


Learn about the influencer

The first step in vetting an influencer is to learn as much as you can about them to better understand the audience they're sharing to. Their match with your targeted audience will be one of the most important indicators of success for the campaign. General demographic details such as their perceived household income, age, race, and gender are often overlooked in evaluating an influencer but is telling to the audience that's viewing their content. Additionally, you'll want to gain an understanding of the influencer’s professional status. You can set expectations for their posting and activity with the campaign based on whether they’re an everyday influencer or a professional doing this for a living. You may find more reliability with the experienced professional influencers, but everyday influencers often provide better authenticity with their posts. Test these variables not just based on their Instagram account but also by looking at all their available accounts to learn as much as possible about the influencer. 



Determine how their posting style fits your campaign

You’ll also want to evaluate the influencer’s posting style. Admittedly, this is a bit of a subjective test. Different people could assess the influencer’s photo quality and style differently. What's important here is that you get an idea of how the influencer’s posting style matches the style you're looking for in the campaign. Scrolling through their feed will give you an idea of the types of photos and videos that they're sharing. Then, dive deeper into the specific content types to determine which posts receive the best engagement. Are these top-performing posts indicative of the content you'd like created for this campaign? 


Evaluate their engagement rate

Now that you've appraised the engagement rate of their top posts, you'll want to get an idea of their overall engagement rates. This is a valuable factor in evaluating the influencer’s true reach and audience. By leveraging SEEN Insights and metrics like the pIQ Score and Relative Engagement you will not only be able to surface the top performing content but also the influencers who drive real engagement. This is critical to determine which influencers have purchased fake followers or interactions. Being familiar with the influencer’s average engagement will also help you predict content success in your campaign and set expectations for the value of this program. 



Check their community interaction

As you measure the influencer’s engagement you will want to see which members of their community are driving that engagement. Get an idea of who is commenting on the influencer’s posts to see whether the interactions are coming from the same individuals or new people each time. This will show you the enthusiasm from their followers and how that audience is growing. Additionally, you'll want to see how much the influencer is responding to their audience’s interactions. Instagrammers respect the content creators who are responding and interacting with them to build personal relationships. This is a good sign for anyone you would want to tap for your campaign. 

Frequency of promoted posts 

With these variables at play, keep an eye out for the influencer's branded posts. It’s usually a good idea to stay away from the influencers who share promoted posts too often as your content may get lost in their stream of advertising. Some social media marketers try to completely stay away from influencers who share about competitors, but that isn't always necessary. Those competitor posts can be an example of that Instagrammer being a fan of that type of product or service. If you’re trying to promote a new fashion line, don’t be afraid of tapping a particular influencer just because they’ve previously shared about another fashion brand. Your brand will fit in line with their follower’s expectations. The most important part here isn’t whether they’re sharing competitor posts, but rather, how their followers are responding to these posts. If they’re calling out the influencer for sharing promoted content, it may be a good idea to stay away from those posts. But if they're sharing content that has an authentic fit in their feed, that won't be a problem. These are all things to keep in mind when determining to use an influencer and how you should be crafting the posting guidelines for them. 

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This is just one phase of the process of discovering and activating influencers for your campaigns. Download our influencer campaign planning guide to take advantage of our influencer marketing expertise for your next campaign.