How to Manage Instagram Marketing as a One-Man Team

Posted by Alex Ditty on Dec 4, 2014 3:34:07 PM

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You don't need to feel overwhelmed with your Instagram marketing strategy



Instagram can be hugely beneficial to your social media marketing efforts but when you're trying to tackle your Instagram marketing goals on your own it can seem overwhelming. We work with plenty of marketers who are looking for the best way to maximize their visual marketing with Instagram campaigns so we’ve created the Instagram Campaign Planning Guide to give you a simple way to launch these valuable promotions (even if you don't have the support of an entire digital marketing team!). To know if you’re effectively managing your Instagram marketing, we’ve outlined some of the best practices to grow your following and engagement with your community on Instagram.

Creating engaging posts

Make time to share photos

It may go without saying but to be successful on Instagram you need to make sure that you're setting time aside to share content. No one will follow or engage with your brand if there isn’t any visual content for them to interact with. Always be on the look out for great moments to capture and share. Whether it's team pics in your office or photos sharing your brand's lifestyle, make time to regularly post this content. 

Outsource content creation with UGC

Creating content to share from your brand’s account can be difficult but with the incredible value of user-generated content, enlisting your community for your content creation can be one of the most effective ways to build your Instagram marketing as a one-man operation. UGC is best to showcase your brand in an authentic way by enabling your consumers to tell your brand’s story for you.

Promote content with influencers

You can increase the value of this authentic user-generated content by tapping influential visual content creators for your sharing. Influencers like those found in Snapfluence, are able to aid in your overall content creation and promote your brand’s lifestyle to a wider range of Instagrammers with their highly engaged following

Knowing what to post

Make time to analyze

As important as it is to budget time for your posting to Instagram, it's equally important to take time to step back and analyze what content is working best with your community. To avoid wasting time on ineffective posts and strategies, you need to know what is working and what you should continue to do to grow your social media marketing. By measuring what time of day gets your the highest engagement, what type of content is most effective and who is most passionate about your brand you can more effectively hone in on your Instagram marketing strategy. 

Know your target customer & your visual voice

To find the Instagram content strategy that works best for your brand, you need to understand who your target consumer is and the appropriate visual voice to reach them. Tracking the type of content they’re sharing, and the matrix of associated hashtags around those posts can help you learn more about your ideal consumer and their interests. Then taking that a step further by understanding how each of these groups interacts with your posts can help you further focus your posts to increase your engagement and grow followers on Instagram. Leverage platforms like SEEN Insights to easily learn and analyze these concepts without adding more to your plate!

Learn what your community is sharing with SEEN Insights

Don't be afraid to experiment 

Along with all of this learning and focused posting efforts, don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and post a wide variety of visual content to get an idea of what is working for your community. You never know how they'll respond to something until you post it. Experiment with your sharing and use Instagram as a learning experience.

Engaging your community 

Build two-way engagement

As you set time aside to post and analyze your Instagram marketing, don’t forget to also stay on top of all the interactions you’re sure to get from your community. Build your two-way engagement by responding to your community. The excitement your community will receive from simple double-taps on their posts and responses to their comments will exponentially grow your engagement. 

Be active with your community

The best way to grow your followers on Instagram and build relationships with your community is to interact with them. Track the hashtags your consumers are using and how they're sharing with you to like their posts and interact with them, to build up your Instagram engagement, and to encourage further participation with your brand.

Keep these best practices in mind with your daily Instagram tactics. To take that social media marketing to the next level download our free Instagram Campaign Planning Guide for your next activation. 

Instagram Campaign Planning Guide