How To Not Be Afraid Of Your Influencers' Content Creation

Posted by Jillian Londino on Jan 20, 2015 6:17:00 PM

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Trust that visual content success is in the eye of the followers

No matter how sterling a marketer's track record is, when it comes to running influencer marketing campaigns, there’s bound to be a client who's unhappy with a piece of their influencers' curated content. Knowing there’s nothing worse then investing time and money into a project only to be unhappy with the outcome, it's important to consider that these brands may simply be looking past the root of influencer marketing success: the followers.


Often followers of Snapfluencers are following the account to admire a desired status or product, interesting lifestyle or photo style. In whatever way this account appeals to them, it's important to remember the content influencers produce is what keeps fans engaged, regardless of if they perfectly align with the influencer’s own personal characteristics or demographic.

When a brand posesses this understanding, it will prevent them from labeling a piece of influencer content a failure before seeing how it performs among the followers. To help with this process, we've listed our top 4 ways to trust in your influencers' content creation freedom. 


1. Define, then redefine your audience

To put it lightly, the success of your influencer marketing efforts either takes flight or crashes and burns with initial audience development. Listening to which segments of your audience are the most active between social channels and what their behavior is when they arrive there will help brands plan the most appealing campaign for that audience to engage with. The content that your community is sharing helps with this learning process to define who the ideal target for your marketing is. 

From there, matching the audience demo with refined influencer personas is made much more simple and effective. This influencer recruitment process of finding the right content creators to share to your audience is critical to Instagram campaign success. 


2. Design a campaign theme that lends itself to visuals

Taking a hint from some of the top-performing Instagram campaigns, a crucial component to Instagram marketing success is devising a campaign theme that lends itself to sharable moments from your community. Influencers and campaign participants alike need easily communicated concepts to portray in their visuals, or else content success and/or participation will suffer. Take a cue from espnW with their A+ concept of easy-to-share photo challenges.


3. Create actionable influencer guidelines

It doesn’t take a team of copywriters to formulate the must-haves of an influencer post. A team’s best asset in this instance is someone who can put into words what a post needs in order  to be “on-brand” and in line with campaign parameters. These 5 posting characteristics are a starting point, but consider including the tone, voice and style preferences of your brand as a reference to influencers.


4. Build an unforgettable experience

Think about it, would you be more driven to perform at a job that welcomed you by defining company missions, culture and adages in an exciting presentation or one that just assumed you would pick it up along the way? Building up our influencers’ enthusiasm works the same way, which is why SEEN + Snapfluence work with brand partners to build a branded experience prior to starting an influencer campaign. Sending a branded package to inspire influencers’ creativity is sure to reinforce our Snapfluencers’ commitment to the brand, alongside a thoughtful, sharable moment.

When influencers are involved in Instagram marketing, simply desiring “brand awareness” is not enough to formulate a successful campaign. To get started on planning your next campaign download our guide to Influencer Marketing bliss 


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