How Top Snapfluencers Stand Out From the Pack

Posted by Jillian Londino on Jul 11, 2014 1:55:00 PM

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Tips to boost your Instagram photos' marketing appeal

To actively prepare for the unique influencer campaigns that come our way, we pay close attention to the posting styles of each and every user who joins Snapfluence. With all of the notes we take on our influencers’ posting habits, we’ve noticed a few characteristics that tend to make Snapfluencers stand out to our team.
Whether you’re trying to make yourself a better influencer candidate or looking to identify the most vibrant members of your brand’s social community, consider paying closer attention to these profile characteristics.

1. Style your photos like a wardrobe – what looks good on you.


There’s a way to establish a clear and consistent style of photography on Instagram without using the same filter everytime, you just need to decide what your look is. Our top influencers have done a great job at creating visual moments that are all very different, but when looking at them all together, appear to be part of a set. A certain angle, color scheme, framing option or so many other defining factors could be what differentiates a profile, so don’t be afraid to try on a few different options!

Take a look at a few Snapfluencers who are doing a great job at their photo styling: 





 2. Storify your captions.


Don’t be afraid to tell a story in your captions. Sometimes that may be exactly what draws a fan to your profile or a brand to seek out your influencing abilities. Yes, not every glistening #foodporn picture you indulge your audience in warrants a thought out saga, but if you’ve been saving up for 10 years to buy your dream car – tell the tale. The ability to captivate an audience with more than a few words on social media excites brands who want to send a message through social influencers.

We like tuning into these Snapfluencers accounts to see what new adventures they’re talking to their followers about:





 3. Small following doesn’t equal small influence.


Don’t get discouraged by the number of your follower count, because at one time all of the Instagram greats started out with a just a few, early-adopting fans. There are still plenty of ways a user with a few hundred followers can influence their community. Some of our campaigns are location-based, meaning we’re more focused on what area of the world someone has influence in more than tens or thousands of followers. These campaigns can look just as impressive as a large-follower influencer one, as long as the posting style remains professional.

Take a look at a few Snapfluencers with a modest following who caught our eye with their recognizable, unique photo styles:





So, just like you’ve Google'd yourself before a job interview (come on, we all do it) take the time to consider how others will see your next post on social media. A few extra minutes of good ole’ soul searching for a witty caption or perfect filter just might be the difference between a few likes from your usual admirers and social influencer infamy.

Or at least a call from us. Both are pretty great.


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