How your Brand Can Leverage the New Instagram Ad Update

Posted by Alex Ditty on Jun 4, 2015 10:00:00 AM

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The Instagram ad update will help you target & engage your community

Instagram is a powerful tool for brands to engage their community and promote their products and services. Now, the network has taken a step forward towards improving its ability to drive measurable actions for your brand through its ads products. Ads on Instagram are getting a major update including the ability for brands to add links to their ads to direct specific actions from their audience as well as improved audience targeting. To date, Instagram ads have been very successful seeing a 2.9x higher ad recall than Nielsen’s norms for online advertising. With the introduction of the new ad features, those ads are expected to provide even more benefit for your brand. This update is also opening up the ability to advertise on Instagram to any business on their network. So we’ll outline what you can expect with the new ad rollout and how your brand can best leverage this opportunity to engage your fans.


Better targeting

A major focus of these new updates enables brands to better engage their community. This is achieved by improving the ad’s relevance through enhanced targeted. Brands will have the ability to focus their ads more specifically to their ideal consumers, which will improve the ad experience for both brands and consumers. By the end of 2015, Instagram will roll out targeting to specific zip codes, targeting based on your own customer data and more functions to more precisely share your brand’s visual content. This gives you the opportunity to get your messaging in front of the right people in very deliberate ways. Your consumers may see more ads in their feed but those ads will be better targeted which will make them more relevant and valuable to those consumers.


Improved conversions

Along with getting your messaging in front of the right people, the ads will now be better at converting those views into meaningful actions. Instagram is very well designed for its focus of visual sharing, and this is sure to always be a focus for the Instagram team. As James Quarles, Instagram’s Global Head of Business and Brand Development, notes, “visual storytelling for brands has more resonance. People remember it more”. Now, Instagram’s commitment to this visual appeal will be more engaging with action links on the ads. Brands will be able to encourage additional actions on their ads such as product purchase, app downloads or directing them to their site for more information. This makes Instagram a shop window for your brand. This gives your brand an improved experience for converting actions from the app, which is something that many brands have been looking for.


How can you leverage this opportunity?

With these new features appearing through the end of 2015, now is the time to plan how your brand can fully take advantage of these updates. The ability to target a more specific community and convert them makes Instagram an even more valuable asset for your social media marketing. For effective Instagram marketing, you need to have a healthy owned, earned and paid media mix. These ads can help with that goal. The earned media that your community is sharing helps you understand who your most passionate fans are and targeting those individuals with your paid media will yield positive results. Consider all of your activations on Instagram and how they can support an ad campaign. If you’re new to Instagram we wouldn’t recommend spinning up an ad campaign as your first attempt at the visual network. Ads on Instagram should be reserved for supplementing and growing your existing audience with the knowledge you’ve gained from engaging your community. This is your opportunity to take your Instagram to the next level. For those of you ready to expand your current Instagram marketing, let’s get in touch, and we’ll help you connect with fans and product your products.

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