Can You Find The Most Engaging Instagram Content?

Posted by Brian Zuercher on Oct 14, 2014 10:25:02 AM

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The pIQ score makes it easy to see which Instagram posts are resonating with your community.

With hundreds and thousands of shares happening on Instagram every day it can be impossible to spot who is posting the most influential and engaging user-generated content.  

Only measuring likes, comments and followers can lead to false positives and ignore users who created posts that had the biggest impact on their audience.  Relative Engagement is a great way to determine the real engagement of the posts but doesn't tell the full story.  Taking that into consideration, we developed the pIQ™ score. The pIQ™ score takes into account how many followers and degrees of engagement a post has received, and rates each post with an easy to understand score.  

Check out this example from Chubbies Shorts with #chubbies on Instagram.  The post on the left was the highest reaching post for this campaign and the post on the right ranked 230th for reach in the campaign. However, the post on the right was highly engaged with its audience and would have gone unnoticed if it weren’t for the pIQ™ score.


pIQ™ score is great for:

To learn more about the pIQ score and how to apply Instagram insights to your marketing efforts download our free ebook.

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