Identifying your Visual Influencers

Posted by Brian Zuercher on Mar 12, 2014 11:21:00 AM

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Follow these steps to find your visual content influencers

Over the last 6 months our team has become experts in identifying and vetting visual content influencers.  We’d like to share some of our learning's to help you identify key individuals that can be influential in spreading an effective visual brand story.


Narrow your tracking…

For some brands or products there is an existing community or base of users on social networks already sharing about it.  In the case where this exists, identify the most popularly used hashtags and don’t worry about missing a few of the outlier tags that don’t represent the overall community.  If there isn’t a specific tag being used by a community, then try to identify adjacent and analog tags that represent the ideal customer or community.  The key is to not take a shotgun approach to this part of the exercise. Narrow the funnel earlier than later.   

Give it a little time…

Establishing a baseline is critical and this can take some time.  Most brands will require a solid month of time to begin to understand what is really going on with their visual marketing.  Time allows you to understand the sharing cadence of these Instagram influencers who post in the community and who has the lasting power for your brand.  Understand how frequent a consumer of your product or service will share about it.  Identifying influencers may take longer if the sharing cadence is spread out over longer periods of time.  We strongly urge influencer identification to be an ongoing activity, especially as the social channels continue to evolve.

Focus on meaningful metrics…

If you're an avid reader of our posts, you know we preach that reach as a metric is meaningful, but not always the most important.  Here are a few metrics we use when vetting our influencers for Snapfluence.

  • Relative Engagement - the percentage of a user's audience who take a social action (liking/commenting/retweeting) on their posts.

  • Frequency - how often does a user post about a specific interest or brand?  Is their posting frequent enough to keep their audience engaged (stale or fresh?)

  • Reach - Is the audience real, consistent and growing?

The art of this comes in the identification of how the user represents the brand overall.  For Snapfluence we go to great lengths (phone interviews, post/profile reviews, and test posts) to vet whether or not a user fits our network and our clients' needs.

Engage & Enable…

Before deciding you want to have a formal engagement with a user you can begin a courtship of types and see how they respond.  Gauge the response if you comment or retweet a users' posts.  How do they react?  Do they increase their sharing?  How does their audience respond to their reaction.

There is nothing more frustrating for us to watch than an engaged community that doesn’t have an avenue to display their fandom for their favorite brands.  Try running a brand campaign to help identify who is listening and interacting with your current marketing messages.  By engaging your fans with the right hashtag, you can unlock existing and new influencers for your next instagram campaigns.

To learn more about identifying Instagram influencers and plan your next Instagram campaign, click below to download our free Step-By-Step Guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing.

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