Important Metrics to Track For Your Next Instagram Campaign

Posted by Alex Ditty on Aug 27, 2014 5:50:00 PM

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When running an Instagram campaign it’s important to measure the relevant stats of your initiative to relay its value to your team. We often hear campaign managers wanting to know how many photos their campaign generated when in fact there are more important and valuable metrics for you to accurately measure the performance of your campaign.

We emphasize the significance of measuring statistics related to the campaign’s Reach and Engagement to gain an understanding of both your brand awareness and brand affinity. There are several reports that we provide for clients to better understand these results. 

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Reach Reporting

Total Reach - This metric captures the number of followers of your campaign’s participants at the time they shared each post with your campaign. Total Reach shows you how many people were potentially exposed to your campaign’s content. 

Unique Reach - This metric identifies how many people were uniquely exposed to content from the campaign. It shows you the number of followers each individual participant had when they shared with the campaign. Unlike Total Reach, this metric doesn't provide the total aggregate of each post. 

Top Participant Reports - Identify the participants that shared the most content as well as those who had the most followers. With this information, you will know who was the most active participant with your campaign and who exposed the most people to your promotion. Identifying these individuals and engaging with them helps you meaningfully grow your community.
Post and Reach Timeline Reports - Determine the efficacy of your efforts by tracking your reach and post volume over a specific time period against your various promotion tactics. With these reports you can easily attribute your campaign’s success to each of your daily actions.


Engagement Reporting

Relative Engagement - Measures the percentage of likes and comments on a specific post relative to the following of that user at that moment. By showing you the content that’s received the highest percentage of engagement you can recognize what type of content is most resonating with your community to help guide your content strategy.

pIQ ScoreThe pIQ Score takes into account how many followers and degress of engagement a post has received, and rates each post with an easy to understand score. 

User Participation Reports - Gain an understanding of which members in your community are most active with your brand’s campaigns to identify your most passionate fans. 

Follower Impact Reports - Track the growth of your social following on Instagram and Twitter as a result of your campaign's activation. 


This reporting is helpful in understanding the results after you have run your campaign. For a successful campaign you must first develop a strategy and goals to measure against during the pre-planning phase. To assist with this, click below and download our free Instagram Campaign Planning Guide.

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