How to Eliminate Spreadsheets from Influencer Marketing Management

Posted by Alex Ditty on Jan 26, 2017 5:40:00 PM

In Influencer Marketing, Planning Campaigns, Snapfluence

Get rid of spreadsheets and get with the times

Over the years, we’ve heard marketers complain about how difficult it can be to manage an influencer marketing campaign. We can empathize, there’s lots of moving pieces, multiple people and posts to keep track of, addresses for shipping product… not to mention the payments and W9s… Many people turn to good old spreadsheets to try and organize all the info.

This is not strictly a newbie problem, this unfortunate habit that has become commonplace amongst some of the top brands and agencies. Influencer campaigns are such a dynamic and evolving marketing tactic that this is not a very efficient practice.

From the headache of logging the account and contact info of every influencer you want to recruit to trying to track commentary and approval from your team on each influencer, there are a lot of components at each stage of an influencer campaign. None of which are well tailored to something as stagnant and cumbersome as a spreadsheet… You’ve got color coding for approvals, there’s an x next to the ones you reached out to already, there’s an asterisk next to the ones who have responded but not agreed on compensation, the whole row is highlighted if they are all signed up, if shipping is done the whole row is bold…. Face it. It’s terrible.

We think your time is more valuable than that.

Ditch your spreadsheets →


Rather than relying on spreadsheets for this type of tracking and management, leverage a resource like SEEN Creators which can work with and for you through the campaign. The SEEN Creators tool enables you to more efficiently search for and save the influencers that you want to work with. We’re streamlining the process of approval by allowing you to consolidate your team’s feedback in one place.

The Creators platform has been our internal secret for managing some of the industry’s best influencer marketing programs. We’ve heard so many clients discuss the difficulty of managing campaigns on their own, that we decided to make our solution available to you.




Influencer marketing should be fun. I love working in this space because it’s not only incredibly engaging for audiences, but it can also be exciting for the marketers who are bringing programs to life. Spreadsheets don’t really provide the same spark.

Spend less time decoding and more time creating.