Influencer Marketing Rules of Engagement

Posted by Alex Ditty on Feb 10, 2016 10:30:00 AM

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How to establish a relationship between your brand and your influencers

Influencer_Marketing_PartnersWhen you’re activating an influencer marketing program, you need to establish a clear and positive relationship between your brand and the influencers posting about it. This is an aspect that is often overlooked during the influencer campaign planning process but will have a huge impact on the campaign’s success. If you aren’t able to establish a positive relationship with the influencer during recruitment, you’ll have difficulty bringing any influencers onto the campaign. And if you struggle to communicate this relationship during the content creation, then your posts will lack authenticity and could even bring some unwanted attention from regulators. We’ll outline everything you need to consider to establish a relationship with the influencers who will post about your brand.


Recruit the right influencers


First and foremost, you need to ensure that you’re working with the right influencers. This is something that we often write about because of its importance to the program. Don’t try to force a fit with influencers who aren't going to create an authentic match with your brand. This will not only harm the relationship with the influencer but will negatively affect the content that they’re creating for your program.


Respect the influencer as a content creator

You’re activating influencers for your marketing programs because of their ability to engage your targeted audience. Trust this ability to connect with the audience you want and trust the content they’re creating. They’ve built their following because of their voice and content. If you’ve thoroughly vetted them for the campaign, then you shouldn’t be afraid of your influencers’ content.


Create content guidelines for your brand

With that being said, you need to effectively communicate your brand and how it should be represented in the posts for the campaign. These will guide the influencers’ content creation and show them how to properly represent your brand and communicate the program you’re activating.


Follow the FTC guidelines

Arguably, the most pressing factor to consider is how the FTC want’s the relationship to be defined. And they’re very clear about that. Any post promoting a product or service needs to include the status of the post. Whether or not it was a promoted post must be apparent and obvious to any viewer. It’s critical to understand and follow the FTC guidelines in all influencer marketing activations in order to keep your business and the influencer out of trouble during all of your programs.

Come see, and be Seen.

Maintaining the relationship with the influencer while managing all of the other aspects that go into a successful campaign isn’t simple. This is why we recommend working with influencer marketing partners like SEEN to help through this process. You have enough on your plate. Fortunately, we've powered some of the best influencer marketing campaigns for top brands and this experience can help you on your next program. Let’s get in touch!