Instagram Analysis Leads to Instagram Marketing Success

Posted by Alex Ditty on Aug 14, 2014 9:52:00 AM

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Detailed analysis can help plan your next Instagram campaign

From start to finish, Instagram analysis and tracking are integral to any campaign’s success. Without a thorough understanding of your brand and community while planning a campaign, you may miss out on creating the perfect sharing opportunities for your participants. If you don’t have proper tracking during your campaign as well as at its conclusion then there’s no way to translate the value of your efforts or the campaign’s ROI. Planning this analysis may seem daunting but that’s why we’ve created a campaign planning worksheet for you to determine the metrics that are valuable to your campaign’s success.


The best campaigns begin with a Moment Assessment, a process in which you determine what your brand’s most sharable experiences are and what content your participants will want to promote to their followers. The Moment Assessment should consist of both an analysis of what content your community is sharing and what content you have shared that is receiving the highest Relative Engagement. After performing this Moment Assessment, you can determine the type of visuals that will resonate with your fans. Effective visual marketing depends on taking these factors into consideration as you sketch out the specific details of your campaign.

Next, take note of the goals that you will benchmark to evaluate your campaign’s ROI. Knowing the campaign’s reach, engagement, participation and audience growth is critical to understanding its success and reporting that to your team.

During the campaign it’s important to monitor the campaign’s stats to track your goals. Then, at the campaign’s conclusion, it’s important to do a comprehensive assessment of the campaign to understand how you performed against those goals. We recommend that brands run campaigns to learn and use these initiatives not just as promotional opportunities but also as a way to gain a more intimate understanding of your community. These lessons will have a major impact on your future marketing efforts.

Click below to get our Campaign Planning Guide to help with your next Instagram campaign.

Instagram Campaign Planning Guide

We love helping brands plan their upcoming initiatives and the SEEN Insights Platform is the perfect resource to perform the Moment Assessments and the measurement your brand needs to succeed with Instagram Marketing.