Instagram Brand Building Step 3 - Brand Activation and Participation

Posted by Brian Zuercher on Dec 11, 2013 2:31:00 PM

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STEP THREE: Understand your brand’s activation and participation on Instagram 

Brand participation on Instagram can be really amazing or really annoying. Understanding and optimizing how and what your customers want from the brand on Instagram are critical to creating an amazing experience. Here are some important aspects to consider when planning a brand’s activation and participation.

Content Strategy: What do the brand’s customers want to see from it. Are you trying to support lifestyle? Show off products? Very few brands have products that fans and customers want to see being shared. A great way to think about the content that a customer would like to see is to think about what a brand’s product enables a customer to do or achieve.

A great example of a company that understands what it enables for it’s customers is @patagonia. Patagonia shares incredible photos of experiences that its athletes, customers and others are having. In most of the photos you won’t see mentions of their products or even know where they are in it, but they capture an experience that their customers can identify and aspire to have.

A few more of our favorite brand’s Instagram:

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams -

GoPro -

Sightglass Coffee -

Sharing Cadence: After you understand the content that will resonate with customers, the next consideration is how often to post. There is no perfect science to deciding this, but there are ways to understand what works. A simple question to ask is, “How often would I want to see this content?” We’re amazingly good judges (if we’re honest) of what will work.

More quantitatively it is good to chose a cadence and then stick to it for a period of time so that you can measure the engagement during different times of day and days of the week to see if there are patterns in the engagement that give indicators to what is working. Use a simple formula like Relative Engagement to aid in your analysis.

Relative Engagement = Likes + Comment Count / Follower total

Participation: An even more powerful engagement activity than sharing content can be acknowledging fan and customer content. If you are tracking a tag related to your brand, take a few moments each day or week to drop a comment in to a fan. There is strong evidence that brand affinity, loyalty and sharing goes up when you acknowledge a fan’s post.

Similar to having posts, it is also helpful to have consistency and strategy go the amount of participation and the voice.

In case you missed them catch up on step 1 & step 2 and be sure to check back tomorrow for step 4. In the mean time, if you have questions about how your brand should be activating and participating on Instagram, contact us and we'll show you how with Seen Insights!

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