Instagram Campaign Planning

Posted by Alex Ditty on Jun 23, 2014 3:00:00 PM

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We're here to help you plan your next visual marketing campaign

Instagram campaigns are an effective way to promote your brand with authentic user-generated content. But there are a lot of details you need to consider when planning your campaign to fully leverage the opportunities they present. Whether this is your first time launching a campaign or you're a seasoned pro on Instagram, thinking through all of the steps that make a campaign successful can be difficult. We’re here to help. 

There are three main components that need to be thought out for each campaign. Creating a plan for each of these pieces will help you understand the goals of the campaign and how you’re going to achieve them. 


We encourage thoughtful planning of the goals and learning objectives for the campaign at the beginning of the planning process to not make this campaign not 'just another promotion’. Thinking through the details of how you’ll tie this back to your larger marketing initiatives and how you will learn from your community’s content can make a huge difference with the success of your campaign. 


Every campaign needs some form of promotion to get the word out and encourage participation. Each campaign is different so it’s important to iron out the unique promotional opportunities that are possible for your campaign. Whether you’re sharing your campaign’s message through targeted influencers or adding in-store calls-to-action with your hashtag, consider how you’ll get participants involved in your campaign. 


One of the most important and most commonly missed opportunities with Instagram campaigns is the opportunity to engage your campaign’s participants. Every photo or video in your campaign is coming from an interested member of your community who took the time to share that piece of visual content so you don’t want to miss the chance to solidify your relationship with them. Because interacting with all of the participants manually can be difficult, we’ve seen a lot of campaigns miss this piece of the activation. By planning out how you’ll be managing your campaign’s interactions, you can take advantage of this opportunity to connect with fans and build your following. 

It may seem difficult to work through all of these details when planning your Instagram campaigns so we’ve created this free Instagram Campaign Planning Guide to help you through the creation of your next marketing activation on Instagram. 

 Instagram Campaign Planning Guide