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Posted by Alex Ditty on Jul 30, 2014 10:26:55 AM

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Activate your next Instagram campaign with a plan made just for you.

In order to measure clear standards of success, the promotional efforts surrounding your brand campaigns on Instagram should establish a variety of unique objectives. Without differentiating end goals, you limit your brand's opportunity to hypothesize positive experiences for the audience. However, what every campaign has in common is a need to spread the word and encourage participation in a hand-crafted, brand experience. 

Spread your campaign's message load and proud. If not, what are all your promotional efforts being made for?

Spread your campaign's message loud and proud. If not, what are all your promotional efforts for?

The aspects that make a campaign unique are often the best opportunities to find promotional opportunities, specific to a given initiative. Whether you’re sharing your campaign’s message through targeted influencers or adding in-store calls-to-action with your hashtag, consider how you’ll plan to get participants involved in your next campaign.

Make your hashtag known

The most essential way for you to promote that campaign and gain participation from your community is simply making your audience aware that it exists. There are a variety of different ways to do this successfully depending on your campaign.

  • Live event campaigns have the benefit of showcasing the content shared with the campaign on live displays, as well as displaying the hashtag, which can drive participation at the event
  • Retailers have the opportunity to show off their hashtag and campaign to their audience on location. By placing a hashtag onsite and at the point of purchase, customers are easily reminded and encouraged to show off photos of their newly-purchased items. 
  • If your campaign is one that can't leverage these opportunities, we see many cases of success where brands create an opportunity to share user generated content by utilizing props. By providing these visual aids, you can create and encourage your own idea of a picture- perfect moment for your community to share. 

Increase your reach with authentic promotion

An effective way to promote a social campaign is by utilizing authentic promotion from visual influencers. Some of the best campaigns our team has seen have leveraged certain "social super fans" to tell a brand's story through their own eyes. Their followers see this as a truthful testament, devoid of any unauthentic, sponsored promotion. 

However, finding and managing these online influencers within your organization can be difficult, which is why we’ve created Snapfluence; a community of diverse, socially-thriving influencers. With Snapfluence, we’ve taken the hassle of influencer content management off of your plate so you're able to fully focus on, and leverage their posts for your campaigns. 


When planning your next Instagram campaign these promotional concepts are all viable for you to consider. To learn more about what you should be considering for your campaigns, check out our Instagram campaign planning guide!

Instagram Campaign Planning Guide