Campaign Snapshot: AT&T

Posted by Alex Ditty on Apr 8, 2016 5:00:00 PM

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How Instagram Influencers Helped Visualize AT&T’s Expansive Network

denisebovee_instagram_roadtripatt.pngIn the Summer of 2015, AT&T set out to promote the connectivity of their expansive network to millennial consumers. To do this, they launched the #RoadTripATT campaign which brought the mobile carrier front and center into the travels of their target consumers. The road trip provided an opportunity to help customers visualize the expansiveness of AT&T’s coverage map. AT&T partnered with SEEN to discover and activate Influencers who could create content from all around the US, showing off the far reaches of AT&T’s service network and associating the brand with meaningful and memorable adventures.

lifeserial_instagram_roadtripatt.pngSEEN recruited millennial, lifestyle Influencers who could promote the #RoadTripATT campaign while sharing about the value of the AT&T network. The Influencers helped build the AT&T Summer Road Trip social community with authentic brand-right content shared on Instagram. Additional content shared through blog posts, Facebook, and Twitter provided AT&T a valuable cross-platform marketing campaign. The visual content that was produced by the Influencers also gave AT&T invaluable resources to use on their own channels.

The Influencer campaign was a huge success for AT&T in their efforts to showcase the size of their network with authentic content on Instagram. The overall campaign generated over 14 million impressions over the course of the Summer and the Influencer’s content drove more than 20,000 likes and comments on Instagram.

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