Campaign Snapshot: DICK'S Sporting Goods | #runfor

Posted by Alex Ditty on Feb 23, 2015 2:29:20 PM

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How DICK'S connected with runners through targeted Instagram influencers

dicks_powercakes_runforDICK'S Sporting Goods launched the #RunFor social media promotion on Instagram & Twitter to create awareness and social conversation surrounding the 2014 Pittsburgh Marathon. The campaign was designed to have participants share visual content on Instagram and Twitter along with a personal sentiment of what they "run for". Whether they were running to stay in shape or running to remember loved ones, sharing their personal passion for the sport helped DSG align their brand and upcoming marathon with the running community.

Rather than just identify influencers with a high following that could promote the campaign, SEEN tapped 20 targeted Snapfluence influencers based on their alignment and ability to speak to DSG’s target consumer characteristics. The selection criteria were centered around running enthusiasts and fitness/healthy living influencers who were known for their sharing their passion for an active lifestyle on Instagram. A focus was also placed on finding influencers like Caulin Grant and PowerCakes who were located in and around the Pittsburgh area that could leverage the enthusiasm of local followers to engage with the marathon conversation.

By reaching the appropriate fans with these targeted influencers, DICK'S was able to grow awareness for their campaign and the Pittsburgh marathon, while gathering 635 #RunFor posts to project at the event. The large contribution from influencers saw 158 posts reaching over 700,000 people on Instagram & Twitter. Along with the countless marathon attendees who saw the #RunFor content projected at the event, the conversation reached a total of 5.6 million social users. DSG was able to reach not only a lot of people with their campaign through Instagram influencers, but the right people who would enjoy and share in the subject matter.

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