Campaign Snapshot | The Ting Tings

Posted by Jillian Londino on Feb 5, 2015 2:50:00 PM

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How social influencers helped launch and trend a new single on non-traditional social media. 

Client Objectives: 


We worked with the creative forces behind popular musical duo The Ting Tings to promote social awareness of the band’s single "Wrong Club" that launched in early January 2015. In addition to lifting the social conversation around #WrongClub, the group aimed to increase song tags on Shazam, but specifically have the song trending on the app in the Southern California region.

The Ting Tings’ team looked to SEEN to help develop a creative photo concept and influencer persona to identify the ideal content creators for this campaign.

SEEN Solution:


Our team identified 3 social super stars who diversified the campaign with their age, photography style and interests on Instagram and Twitter. While forming a caption or tweet encouraging their followers to tag “Wrong Club” on Shazam, we anchored the campaign’s visual content in a challenge for influencers to embody a fun, authentic photo moment of how they like to enjoy music.

The Snapfluencers creativity yielded 3 pieces of diverse, highly engaging content that aligned with the overall look of the Ting Tings’ brand.


By selecting influencers who aligned with the group's carefully-identified demographic, we were able to then appeal to the music preferences of their followers. 

The 3 posts from the Tingtingscommentsinfluencers reached over 500,000 people and received nearly 10,000 likes on Instagram. During the week of the promotion, this engagement inspired the creation of an additional 78 posts from the Ting Tings' community sharing their enthusiasm for the new song. All of this led to the intended goal of increasing the Shazam tags in Southern California by 3025% & 5075% on each of the two days the influencers shared and 1300% cumulatively on the week. The success of this promotion came from the matching of the influencers to the interests of their community and this drove the social participation that The Ting Ting’s were looking for. 


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