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Posted by Alex Ditty on Jan 22, 2016 3:30:00 PM

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How ZTE promoted a new phone launch with authentic Instagram Influencers 

Axon_Instagram_Influencer.pngPhone manufacturer, ZTE, set out to introduce their new Axon phone to the US market for the first time; however, introducing a new phone against household brands like Apple and Samsung is no small feat. To activate this promotion, ZTE partnered with SEEN to engage Snapfluence influencers. The goal of these influencers was to create anticipation for the Axon launch and build awareness of its groundbreaking features. ZTE's partnership with SEEN helped simplify their management of the campaign while ensuring its success.

The influencer campaign was divided into two main phases. The first phase leveraged 9 social influencers to share their #AxonYouWish moments, describing their dream phones and encouraging their followers to also share for a chance to win a great prize. The second phase tapped top tech influencers who could speak to the true value proposition of the phone. These influencers were given the freedom to genuinely review the product and share their thoughts with their followers. The Phase 1 influencers were comedic content creators with strong millennial followings. For this reason, they shared humorous short form videos and photos to drive engagement on networks like Vine and Instagram. They shared funny feature requests for a 'dream phone' like an automatic burger maker or a mind reader. These comedy posts helped build the anticipation for the launch and drove content participation with Axon's target buyers. The second phase involved tech influencers who are looked to as experts within their field. These posts were more concentrated to YouTube videos, which allowed them to dive into more detail in their reviews. The two phases of the separate influencers worked very much together towards ZTE's overall social media marketing goals. SEEN tapped a variety of influencers who could speak to each of the phases of the Axon campaign.

Each influencer phase drove engagement and awareness for the new phone in different ways. Phase 1 was all about driving anticipation and excitement for how groundbreaking the phone would be. And the fun content drove high engagement with over 88,000 interactions among influencers and consumers. The phase 2 engagement revolved around the specific features of the phone that made it groundbreaking. The authenticity and helpful reviews of these posts generated over 10,000 interactions for the brand. The campaign overall was a success, reaching over 7 million people with 755 total posts on Instagram, Twitter, Vine and YouTube. Additionally, ZTE gained full rights to use all influencer content created from this campaign in future marketing efforts. Through this program, ZTE was able to build anticipation for the launch of their phone, activate the launch and will have assets moving forward in their marketing promotion.

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