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Posted by Jillian Londino on Oct 30, 2014 6:48:00 PM

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How some of our Snapfluencers show off their #Instalife - family style.

It’s no secret we’re big fans of Instagram. From those flattering filters to the daily stream of photo inspiration, it’s hard not to spend all day browsing through the visual stories people are telling. But without a doubt, one of our favorite aspects of the network is the ability to explore how users depict their unique lifestyles through visual moments.

So blame it on the pumpkin-flavored anything/everything or Christmas decorations popping up on every corner, but right now, we can’t get enough of the special moments being shared from our family lifestyle influencers on Instagram. We’ve highlighted a few Snapfluence members who each paint a unique picture of what their family moments look like.


1. Noel Besuzzi - @imoments


Screen_Shot_2014-10-30_at_4.20.20_PM Screen_Shot_2014-10-30_at_4.34.38_PM Screen_Shot_2014-10-30_at_4.35.33_PM

Expect to see - #underwaterfun #beachdays #actionshots #sunnyskies


2. Elizabeth Pyo - @lizpyo


Screen_Shot_2014-10-30_at_4.36.23_PM Screen_Shot_2014-10-30_at_4.37.31_PM Screen_Shot_2014-10-30_at_4.38.13_PM

Expect to see - #outdooradventures #sweettreats #foodie #vibrantcolors


3. Keiran Lusk - @keiranlusk


Screen_Shot_2014-10-30_at_4.43.12_PM Screen_Shot_2014-10-30_at_4.43.46_PM Screen_Shot_2014-10-30_at_4.43.25_PM

Expect to see - #oceanviews #seeaustralia #goldensunsets #beachexplorers


4. Jennifer Gervens - @SweetTMakes3


Screen_Shot_2014-10-30_at_4.46.22_PM Screen_Shot_2014-10-30_at_4.48.01_PM Screen_Shot_2014-10-30_at_4.47.41_PM

Expect to see - #travel #DIY #foodspiration #familytime


Do your Instagram photos show off your family’s unique lifestyle? Tell us more about you and the brands you would like to promote!

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