4 Instagram Marketing Concepts That Will Get You Promoted

Posted by Brian Zuercher on Aug 13, 2014 9:00:00 AM

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Following these practices will help you grow your Instagram audience

If you're struggling to move the conversation from..."We should be on Instagram"...to the more meaty conversation..."With an Instagram Audience Development plan we can....", we're here to help.  There are some first concepts to be able to bring to the conversation that will help elevate your team to the level of thinking to move the brand needle. 


Screen_Shot_2014-08-12_at_8.14.05_AMMake Your Brand a Human - It's understandable and easy to forget that in order for a brand to be authentic on Instagram, it needs to act like a human.  Acting like a human means...

  • Post like a human - Share content that is something a human would create, think is cool to share, and want to see.
  • Respond like a human - This is tough to do because of the time it takes, but authentic responses go a long way (and won't get your account blocked for spam).  Using third party commenting helps teams get scale and isn't much different from Twitter response practices.

Measure and Assess Your Audience - There are subtle differences in the audience you are developing and engaging with in each channel.  Take the time to use analytics on your posts and other tracking of tags to develop personas of who the audience is.  Having an understanding of the audience will help you make more effective decisions on content sharing, campaign development and channel investment.  Check out Patagonia's @wornwear account to see a brand team that understands their audience.

Create Opportunity - Make it easy for your customers to participate in sharing the brand story.  Creating sharing themes, contests and campaigns and featured customers helps keep customers engaged with the brand.  It will be almost impossible to ever create enough content from the brand to fill a channel like Instagram, so enabling customers to help is key to success.

Grow Your Audience - There are several tactics that help a brand build audience like a content sharing strategy aligned with the audience and fun, inspiring campaigns.  The use of visual influencers is a way to help accelerate the growth of the branded account and lift a campaign.  Using visual influencers that are aligned with your target audience (which means they're probably not celebs) helps seed content with brand mentions and tags that is more human and educating to a new audience of your presence. 

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