Instagram Metrics to Guide your Instagram Strategy

Posted by Brian Zuercher on Sep 5, 2014 10:44:00 AM

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Do you know why they like that?


For brand marketers, the investment of time and money in content for Instagram is a challenge.  Develop a strategy, produce authentic content, post it from a phone, measure the engagement, rinse and repeat.  The list goes on and we’re not even including engagement strategies in this.

One metric that can increase the efficiency and understanding on how to achieve better results is understanding why an audience found some posts more engaging over others.  Our team is helping brands with the analysis of these types of activities, and we wanted to share a few of our learnings.

Use information not data - Data is a hot word, but it’s the information from the data that helps build more insightful metrics for understanding the quality of a post.  Measuring number of likes and comments is a starting point, but going a step beyond that is more powerful.  We have developed a pIQ™ score that helps us gauge multiple dimensions of a post and its author and produce a score of 1-10 on that post.  We’ll write more about the pIQ™ score soon, but we are helping differentiate between a minor league baseball player hitting 20 home runs and a major league baseball player doing the same.

Take context and metadata into account - Other factors are at play for why a post is more or less successful.  Did the post contain other hashtags or brand/user mentions that would help it become more discoverable than other posts?  Was it shared at a more optimal time of day?  Do you have other campaigns and marketing efforts pointing to this sharing?  Understanding all the context of the post provides the ability to properly measure its success.

Photo content and quality DOES matter - Often times we are guilty of using our data and some of our personal preferences to determine what content is successful.  Many marketers aren’t aware of content success patterns that relate to what is actually in the photos.  Set up the highest scoring posts on a grid and take a look at patterns.  If the above mentioned data is sorted out first it will be easier to spot quick patterns.


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