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Posted by Jillian Londino on Oct 3, 2014 1:47:00 PM

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Celebrating National Techies Day with our favorite tech-inspired Instagram accounts

Whether it’s finding a new keyboard shortcut or mastering the latest Adobe program, we’ve all had that “Yes moment” when we’re feeling like our own, personal tech wizard. There’s no shame in celebrating every little tech-savvy discovery you make, but it's important to take a moment celebrate the genius minds who made them all possible.

On National Techies Day we highlighted a few of our Snapfluencers who capture the ever-evolving world of today’s technology through amazing photos and videos on Instagram.

1. Jacob Lackey - @thedjiguy


What’s Trending? #DJI #AerialShots #FridayFlying

Why Follow? The high flying shots Jacob features on his account with DJI gadgets depict quite the picturesque, bird’s eye view of our world. The photos he shares and reposts from other aerial-grammers make us want to rent a jet pack and start our own airborne photo adventures.

2. Daniel Brambila - @xxvagabondo86xx


What’s Trending? #Gadgets #Blades #Watches

Why Follow? No doubt you’ve double tapped a few photos of those perfectly-styled fruit and vegetable assortments, but we’ll bet you’ve never seen such a unique collection of cool gadgets on your news feed. The way Daniel pieces together all kinds of crazy tools and technology and puts it in a vibrant background is a must-have on your daily scroll.


3. Go Pro of the Day - @goprooftheday


What’s Trending? #FlyingHigh #GoPro #PhotoCommunity

Why Follow? If it’s possible to be jealous of a camera, then this account will teach you how to envy the adventures these lenses go on. Keeping an eye on this account will give you a daily glimpse into the GoPro commmunity and amazing moments their cameras have captured around the world.


4. Marco Lucci - @marco_lucci


What’s Trending? #TechWithStyle #iPadCake #Selfies

Why Follow? This Snapfluencer does a great job of incorporating the simplistic beauty of technology into some of his trendy Instagrams. We love the way he styles his photo feed, but most of all, we’re crazy about the fact that he celebrated his birthday with an iPad cake.


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