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Posted by Brian Zuercher on Mar 5, 2014 2:28:00 PM

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Your community's Instagram posts say a lot about their interests

Have you ever looked at all of your photos or a friends Instagram photos?  What are the defining characteristics of the photos you or they have shared?  With most photos and personas on Instagram we see a combination of who a person is and what a person wants others to believe about them.  The selective social sharing isn’t just a vanity metric, it’s compelling marketing information we should all pay attention to.  Our customers are giving us great insights to how we should communicate with them.

We break down an example post below and give some tips for thinking about who, how and what your customers are telling you.


The Facts:

Who:  @bzuerche (Seen CEO)

Where:  Rogue Ale’s Public House (San Francisco)

What:  #rogue, #leftcoast, working day

Photo:  Hipster looking joint with a full beer in shot.


What does this really tell us…

From looking at the locations of most of my posts you can tell that I do not live in San Francisco.  Here are some quick things we can infer I’m projecting to my followers (through my eyes):

  • I am having a beer during the workday, thus I am a cool, casual, laid back working guy
  • San Fran is cool and a place I like to visit
  • Rogue is a microbrewery and I value niche, localish, unique brews

What does this tell Rogue?

Taking a step back and looking at a sampling of my photos we can infer not just what was above, but what else is representative about me through my photos.

  • Coffee (coffee shops)
  • Sports/Sporting Events
  • Friends/Family
  • Work
  • Dogs


Turning this into actionable marketing insights.

Looking at one person’s information can be interesting, but becomes much more meaningful when done across a larger sample of individuals.  What patterns emerge about who the consumer is projecting to be?  Here are some actionable insights you may be able to glean from this information:

  • Are there clear brand associations that customers are consistently referencing?  How we incorporate those references into our visual representation of the brand (packaging, ads, etc.)?
  • Is there a geographical concentration of any patterns?  Do we have regional marketing efforts driving that pattern?
  • Is the sharing taking place when we expected it to during the customer journey (pre-purchase, purchase, post-purchase/consumption)?  If it is or isn’t taking place where we expected, can we put queues in front of our customer to motivate them to share at the place we want them to?
These are a sample of the valuable insights marketers can generate from doing analysis, research and engagement with customer photos.  The Seen platform and team are here to help facilitate this process with you, your client and team.  

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