Less Jargon, More Conversations

Posted by Brian Zuercher on Sep 28, 2017 2:30:00 PM

In Influencer Marketing

We Aren’t Fighter Pilots, But we are on a Mission

I don’t remember ever telling anyone when I was growing up that I wanted to be the Founder/CEO of an Influencer Marketing and Media company. I don’t think I wanted to be a fireman, but probably something like a fighter pilot.  

After spending enough time in an industry, most of us end up talking in weird jargon that makes us sound more important or sophisticated than we really are.  I know I am guilty of it.

If I were a fighter pilot I’d have a really cool work vocabulary, but since I’m in marketing I’ve got the business standards (leverage, utilize, traction) plus some channel-specific metrics and a little developer lingo…

At the core, we are all just trying to communicate.

Human communication seems to get lost in the shuffle of “content” and social shares and clicks.  Influencers were interesting to us because they were people who had honed and scaled their ability to communicate with people. We knew marketers really wanted to get to those audiences and we could help them do that.

How do you evolve as a company in influencer marketing?  Is it more tools to be more programmatic?  Is it more demographic data? That all sounds pretty good.   

But none of that has felt like the right fit for us in the human sense.

We have discovered that we are in the relationship business.  We help marketers build relationships through the authentic storytelling of influencers.  So we asked ourselves, how can we do more of that?

We have expanded our capabilities and offering to include more relationship-driven storytelling.  That comes to life in 2 new ways beyond influencer programming.


  • Social story production - we’re taking our own lessons on style, strategy, and language -- the stuff we have been coaching influencers on for years-- to create custom media for our brand clients. Our focus is on social and mobile media and that brings to life the human connection between people and brands.


  • Influencer Media - We have launched a series of new media properties to address the needs of niche and targeted geographic audiences. We recently launched 1812, our Columbus, Ohio focused news and editorial property. Last year we launched Snapfluence, an information and inspiration site for the creative community. This was accompanied by the Social Humans podcast which features the stories and journeys of social influencers.  We have been able to extend our content production capabilities and rally our influencer community to quickly gain audience engagement.

At SEEN, we continue to differentiate ourselves with our exceptional service and ability to discover the elusive, perfectly matched influencers that build human connections.  And now it’s exciting to extend that to new audiences and avenues.

Come see, and be Seen.