Live Event Social Activation with Instagram

Posted by Brian Zuercher on Jan 22, 2014 1:55:00 PM

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Activate your events with user-generated content

It’s not your father’s trade show anymore. The old show traditions are out and consumer expectations are up. Today we have the opportunity to build client and customer engagement that is not only memorable, but also able to expand and extend the reach of your show dollars beyond the show floor.

Ford is no stranger to the show circuit and has become a thought leader in building show experiences that are worth sharing.

Ford may be a Global brand, but that doesn’t make building a memorable experience any easier. This year at CES 2014, the Ford team brought to life a show experience with its products. Here are a few successful ways that the Ford team has integrated a visual consumer experience to capitalize on their show investment.


Hashtag Exposure - Ford integrates the show hashtag in as many places as possible. #FordCES can’t be missed by booth viewers near and far. As we all know, we are trained to include the tag associated with the moments we experience. Ford didn’t leave any guess word by the show attendees as to what it was. Takeaway: Make the #hashtag as visible as possible to encourage sharing with brand integration and mentions.


Visual Content Displays - Everyone loves to see their content featured by their favorite brands. Ford utilized several large screen displays featuring dynamic content being shared with their show tag #FordCES. This content is easily curated by their show workers and immediately available to be displayed on the screen. Takeaway: Display screens are an effective way to bring to life the booth and encourage attendees to share.


Incentives - There is a clear difference between a gimmick and a memorable gift. Offering an incentive for sharing content is a great way to encourage both engagement and repeat visits. Your brand can include a prize with your promotion as an opportunity to surprise and delight participants of your campaign. Takeaway: Provide an incentive to encourage your fans to share content with your brand.


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