Making Marketing Great Again

Posted by Brian Zuercher on Mar 8, 2016 6:00:00 PM

In Influencer Marketing, Moment Marketing, Snapfluence

Just kidding, but that saying is going to be abused in every way possible.

Recently, I was listening in on a call between our SEEN team members and a client when I had a moment of clarity.

Content_CreatorsThe team was discussing a program in which a major confection brand was using SEEN and Snapfluence to discover great Content Creators on Instagram who could help tell the brand’s story through an experience at SXSW. The program itself is awesome, but what struck me on the call was how the brand managers genuinely gushed about how much they loved the Instagram Content Creators we found for them.

The program itself is not revolutionary in the grand scheme of influencer marketing campaigns- a few ambassadors with around 500k followers are sharing content from the brand’s SXSW experience, helping with social media engagements, etc. But the brand’s deep understanding of their consumer and their diligence in choosing creators who embody their brand message and lifestyle is what makes this exceptional. This type of marketing activation is forcing a lot of marketers to re-think their digital strategies and how they’re engaging their target audiences.

The current reality for marketers is that consumers have a lot of options for where to create and consume content, leaving marketers with a dizzying number of choices of where to spend their time establishing a brand presence. Marketers are realizing that the power of user generated content and now the rise of semi or fully professional social Content Creators has a tremendous influence over audiences.

One of the most exciting opportunities arising from this shift is the ability to empower this creative community. We, the audience, get to decide what content is engaging and meaningful instead of a conglomerate of media production outlets operating in a vacuum. This is much bigger than the “everyone has a phone so now they are a photographer” phenomenon. The enablement of the creative community gives us the opportunity to have a much broader variety of storytelling that fits a more nuanced audience over many forms of media. Rather than loosely trying to target general demographics with radio, print and digital ads and hoping that your ideal consumer receives the message, marketers can enter a more direct and authentic conversation with these consumers by tapping these Content Creators.

This impacts brand managers as they now have the opportunity to engage these Content Creators to help tell their brand story. However, it does come with the responsibility to understand and learn how the Content Creators bring their content to life. The great Content Creators have established an audience through sharing life experiences. A critical component is ‘the experience’ and as a brand manger it can be a powerful opportunity to understand what experiences your brand should design in order to bring authentic moments to life.

We have the opportunity to enable a form of marketing that is produced by our favorite creative voices sharing authentic experiences that are thoughtfully designed by brands. Imagine a world where a majority of our brand discovery and reaffirmation of our love for current brands is done seamlessly through the voices of our favorite artists. It’s daunting and exciting at the same time.

This is what we’re enabling at SEEN. Get in touch with our team to learn how you can be a part of the movement.

Come see, and be Seen.