Mastering Snapchat Marketing for your Brand

Posted by Alex Ditty on Apr 20, 2017 1:00:00 PM

In Influencer Marketing, Snapchat Marketing

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It should be no shock whatsoever when we tell you that millennials hate intrusive advertising. The rise of ad-blockers and streaming content subscriptions has helped them avoid most of the ads deployed like heat-seeking missiles zooming for a young, impressionable target with expendable income.

Well if you’re looking to get into Snapchat because you hear that’s where the hip kids are. You’re right. But if you’re trying to deploy a bunch of ads on the platform, that might backfire. Emarketer reports that nearly 75% of those surveyed “never swipe up on Snapchat ads” (swiping up leads you to more info about the brand or sends you to the brand’s website) while another 68% said that they “never watch video ads on the platform.”

So, you’re much better off developing a meaningful, creative presence on the channel rather than blowing your budget on an ad run. Read on to determine if Snapchat is the right channel for your goals and learn more about how to do it right.

snapchat_marketing_ebook_downloadTo help you achieve this, we’ve created the comprehensive guide to mastering Snapchat for your brand.

In this ebook you’ll learn what it takes to engage your audience on Snapchat. Whether you're new to Snapchat or you've been on the platform since the beginning, this ebook has insights to help you achieve the results you need. In the ebook you’ll learn takeaways like:

  • Find the right channel to reach the audience you’re looking for. Don’t just jump on the Snapchat bandwagon because you hear that buzzword thrown around in the media
  • If you’re looking to engage with teenage audiences, then Snapchat is a good bet for your brand.
  • Instagram stories offer similar benefits to Snapchat with enhanced metrics for marketers— especially for brands with an existing presence on Instagram. Brands must determine if the young audience is worth the effort required to activate correctly on Snapchat.
  • There is no “easy” way to Snapchat. It is beneficial for the same reasons that it is difficult and time consuming: it puts you in a face-to-face, hard to measure dialogue with your audience. It requires a level of vulnerability that most brands find intimidating. It requires a level of effort without conventionally measurable return that brands find nearly impossible to justify. It’s just not an easy channel.
  • Get the basics down first: creating meaningful, useful, entertaining, inspiring and/or interesting content without a sales-y pitch on a consistent basis.
  • After you’ve got the basics down, step it up with some creative inspiration from brands who are already killing it on the channel.
  • Gen-Xers haven’t adopted Snapchat en masse, if you’re looking to target them on that network you’re probably missing the mark. However, the ones who are on there are most likely power users.
  • Millennials use Snapchat for specific reasons, namely the ability it provides to have an exclusive, meaningful connection with their peers and eliminate the “popularity contest” that the other channels still perpetuate. If brands want to participate, they cannot be spammy.


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