Think 'Moments' Not Photos for your Visual Marketing

Posted by Brian Zuercher on May 6, 2014 9:00:00 AM

In Moment Marketing

We like to start with that mantra when we talk about Visual Marketing. 

Thinking about why a person is sharing helps us lay the foundation for not only how powerful visual marketing can be, but also how to design the most effective strategy for a brand. It’s easiest to understand why we talk about ‘moments’ by thinking back to the last photo you shared. For most of us, the photos we share represent a special occasion, landscape or interesting expression. 

When you layer the social feedback we receive from our friends and followers you add motivation of consumers to project not only who they are, but who they aspire to be. 

We think about Visual Marketing as the opportunity to inspire customers to visually tell a story about a brand. When done effectively a brand marketer can inspire their customers to create authentic visuals that showcase not just an expression of product passion, but of how that product or brand makes their life better. 

Visual marketing has the benefit of being a great mobile advertising and engagement methodology. In the ‘always on’ world and streaming of data on our mobile phones, there is the never ending challenge interjecting a brand into that stream. 

We’d like to share a few themes that can help drive an effective strategy for brands making an investment in visual marketing. In this guide you will gain insights into: 

Authentic Brand Storytelling

Leverage organic content creators to tell you brand’s story in an authentic way.

Engagement Expectation

Engage your community to encourage more visual sharing.

Data-Driven Visual Marketing 

Learn from the visuals your current and prospective customers are sharing to grow your marketing. 


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